Editing Old Point-and Shoot Photos

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Editing Old Point-and Shoot Photos

I hope I'm not bombarding this board too much..... Along with my insatiable desire to learn comes lots of questions! Biggrin

I love to travel (and it doesn't hurt that DH works part time for the airlines Smile ). My son, who turns four in April, has already been on 11 international trips! Of course, I've got lots of less-than-spectacular photos taken from past trips. Most I took on automatic with a point-and-shoot, and some are even from disposable cameras. I've been playing around with some of my salvageable shots in hopes of someday making a scrapbook or something creative for my son.

Below is an shot I took in Italy in 2007. It was in low light, with only a built-in flash, and I had no tripod. I think I sat the camera on the stone bridge to shoot. One thing I noticed is that sharpening the image created a outline between the tops of the silhouetted houses and the sky, which I've tried to reduce. I'd love feedback and/or suggestions on my edits. Thanks!

Original shot: A view of the Arno River and Pisa from bridge taken at dusk

Edited with Gimp to sharpen and correct color

Edited with Gimp to sharpen and add special effects

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that's a cool photograph! I actually prefer the first version ... but the second one is nice too (although oversharpened IMO). I think the third just seems too light to convey a sunset.

I'm jealous of the international travel ...

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I'm with Gwen ... I think the original shot is my favorite. One thing to remember is that you can't sharpen up an OOF shot. To be honest, I think the soft focus actually works with this kind of shot - it really adds to the feel of the quiet early morning scene. I would probably lighten it up a bit, like in your 1st edit but I wouldn't do the sharpening.

I'm sure your scrapbook will be FANTASTIC! There's nothing more awesome than reliving such incredible memories again and again.


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I too prefer the softer original photo but WITH the light-colored cement edge cropped out on the right. Smile If you take the 1st edit and undo the sharpen, it'd look great!

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I am with the others Biggrin Very pretty