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Editing software help

So yesterday I did a Christmas photoshoot at high noon in the wind! Eeep! I was really nervous b/c we had a 2 month old thrown in the mix and it was freezing cold. Needless to say, I have some editing to do with hair being blown about. I've been using POS Pro but I don't think it's going to produce the perfect image I'm looking for, especially when I want to fix these tiny imperfections. Is GIMP pro looking? Hubby said I could look into a PS application, but with so many options I am overwhelmed. Help!!!

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I have Photoshop Elements. I'm still learning all the features of it. I know there's not as much as Photoshop, or Creative Suite, but I've found some great tutorials on Pinterest for PSE. It does what I need it to do at the moment Smile

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If PS is overwhelming, GIMP may be too. It's got a learning curve, for sure. It's great, and I am so thankful for it as a freebie tool for someone on a tight budget; but I hear it's quite a bit like PS Elements and there are a lot of options and a lot to learn.

But GIMP is an awesome tool, and it can certainly do a lot of great things and produce very professional results.

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I also own PSE. It took me a while to learn, but I can say, there are TONS of helpful info out there!