Engagement Session - 10 Photos

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Engagement Session - 10 Photos

So, remember that woman who wanted me to do her wedding. Even after I sent her away and flat out told her "no"....she insisted and insisted. She understood the risks and wanted me. Okay then. I said yes and now am scared poopless that I'm going to ruin the wedding. But I have a month and a half to prepare....so I'm pretty sure I'll be ready by the time the wedding comes.

Anyway, I packaged in an engagement session. We wanted to get to know one another and I wanted to get a good sense of who they are. It was a wonderful idea! I'm so glad my camera got to meet them before hand. It was a fantastic learning experience and I'm sure it will help me photograph them better on the day of their wedding.

Session was yesterday and I already got half of my edits done. I'm really starting to streamline my post processing!

A few from the day. CC welcome, though I already know lots of the things wrong with these. I know there's a lot....no need to comment on everything. Smile


IMG_6941 EDIT WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6748 EDIT 2 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6885 EDIT WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6590 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6786 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6682 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6760 EDIT WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_6728 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr


IMG_7019 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

10. Just for fun...an old style BW of #1

IMG_6941 EDIT BW WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

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AWE - what a lovely job you have done!

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#3, 8, 9 are my favorites! Can't wait to see what you do with the wedding!!!

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Really beautiful set!

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Very special images, I know they will be so happy they chose you for their wedding too!

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Why are you nervous to do their wedding? You pretty much ROCK everything you shoot, my dear...I'm excited to see how you capture their special day! Smile

This set is just beautiful! I love the first one the best, it's absolutely gorgeous! I love them all. If I had just one CC, it would be on #7. I like the photograph itself, but somehow I feel like it's too quirky for this couple. Like maybe their personality isn't reflected properly in this one. I could be wrong though, as I haven't met them and don't know their style.

Great job, Amber! Your work is phenomenal! You make me want to get out there and learn.

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LOL. #7 was totally her idea. They brought the pitchfork. They were a funny couple. He was a bit stiff for the camera, but when she got him to laugh you could tell that they are a really fun and laid back couple.

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I love the B&W. It really suits the image Smile

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You did beautiful shots, over all they are great.

Maybe it's just my monitor but #1 and #7 seem a bit blown to me.

I personally am not big on the B&W conversion but it defiantly has that antique feel.

It is difficult to say which I like most because you've produced some very beautiful images.

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The only one that I have cc on is number 1. Something just seems off on it, like the couple is soft, but they don't look that way in the b&w conversion. I personally like the conversion with the photo. The rest are gorgeous!

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BEAUTIFUL! I love the feel of them and the couple just seems awesome Smile

I'm sure the wedding will be equallly amazing.

I agree with Sadie about #1 though, it does seem like the focus didn't hit their faces. But, LOVE #'s 2 and 3.

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I have to agree with Sadie on #1 being soft, or something. Can't put my finger on it.

You did an awesome job, though!! I can't WAIT to see what you do for their wedding!!! You always so such an amazing job! Smile

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#1 was taken with my Canon 24-70 2.8L. Have GOT to replace that lens. Almost everything I shot with it was soft. GRRRRR

I thought #1 was okay, but maybe I was wrong. Will have another look.

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Gorgeous, as always, Amber! I do kind of agree about #1 being ever so soft. I had a little chuckle when I saw #7 Smile I can't wait to see the wedding!

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#1 definitely looks soft - looks almost like the focus fell on the carriage/cart next to them.

I love how natural all the pictures feel. She looks so much younger than the guy Wink