Engagement session CC welcome

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Engagement session CC welcome

This is the couple that is going to get married end of May, which I am shooting. They are a good friend of my friends and knows that I am still starting out.

I shot their engagement pictures at this Japanese Garden setting. CC welcome. This is my first shoot since having a baby, I was 2.5 weeks postpartum.

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Congrats to you!!

#3 is my fav. Such a sweet moment.

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They sure were fun to shoot!

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Very nice! I love the bokeh in #1 and I also love #3, so sweet. What a cute couple Smile

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#1 - next time, have him put his hand on hers, would feel more loving and connected

How are you feeling? How's Alexander?

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Beautiful shots and great location! How fun!
Take it easy and enjoy your little ones... but make sure to drop by often with photos!

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I agree, I want MORE! These are great! Love the bokeh on #1 (just like the pp said! Biggrin ) The third one is such a perfect shot. Love how he has his hat out there. Great job! Glad they were fun to shoot too!

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Here are a couple more from the shoot. And thanks Stacey for that suggestion!

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oh, you had your baby!!!!!!!!!!! congrats! he's a cutie!!!!!!!

and good for you for getting out there for a shoot so soon after having him. looks like all three of you had a fun time. Smile

would love to see the settings on these, especially the first one. love the bokeh in that one.

on the 3rd, it looks like the focus fell on his hat and not them.

that's a really beautiful setting, I wish we had a park like that around here.

and I like the PP on the second to last one, nice!

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what lovely photos! And congrats on having your baby! Smile looks like it was a great shoot and what a beautiful place! For some reason I keep thinking that the pictures need to be just a tad brighter? I'm not sure. I love bright and warm pictures Smile You did a great job though. I bet they will love them!

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