Evening Shoot

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Evening Shoot

Hubby was working late yesterday, so I needed to get the kids out of the house for my sanity Wink So we went out on the bike trail for a walk in the wagon, and I, of course, brought my camera with me. I'd love any CC you could give. I really want to improve, and I feel like I'm in a rut.

ISO 200

Also backlit
ISO 200

ISO 200

ISO 800

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I'm short on time and will have to come back for REAL CC, but for now, I just had to say that I love that last one. I imagine him saying 'TA-DA!'!

Really brought a smile - thanks for that!


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I think you did just fine! I think the background isn't any spectacular, but I think you are doing just fine!

The only cc I have is on number 2. I just don't like the road running right above his head.

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That actually brings me to a question, Sadie. I'm glad you said something about the path right above his head. Where should things like a path/road/horizon be placed?

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I'll have to come back for proper CC (also short on time) but just wanted to say you always do such a great job if getting eye contact with your boys. I struggle so much to get my kids to look at the camera let along look like they are happy to be having their pic taken

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Love these, Steph!

I am super short on time right now because I'm about to crash from a full day at the zoo, but I love these, especially the two of Jackson! I feel like Carson looks a bit warm, but like I always say, not calibrated! Biggrin ETA: On second thought, maybe he doesn't look warm. I think it's the differences in their hair color that threw me at first glance!

And I know I say this a lot, too, but in these shots, I'm definitely convinced Jackson and Owen are clones! Wink

Great job getting eye contact, too!

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Know what's so funny about that, Jen? He was almost an Owen Wink

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I really appreciate it!

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#4 is really quite adorable! Smile What a cutie!

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Just gorgeous!

4 is fantastic Biggrin


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You really have a knack at getting your kids to look at the camera. No CC to add, you did a great job.

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LOVE #4! It must be all the grass, but these look a little yellow/green. How do you get them to look at you long enough to get such great shots? If I were you I'd totally frame #4, it's too cute!