External Hard Drives

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External Hard Drives

I've got a storage question. I have an 80 gig external that I store all my pics on because I have only about 10 gigs worth of space left on my PC. This drive has ever picture I've ever taken on it. It's got about 50 gigs worth used, but I was trying to load my most recently taken pics on there and I'm unable to. I'm freaking out now because if I loose this drive, I loose everything.

I want to get a new external, probably a 1TB. Is there a brand that is more reliable/liked than another? This is one area I'm completely unfamiliar with. Any recommendations?


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I can't help with brands, but I'm wondering if I should use one for photo storage. I currently back up all my photos from PC onto CDs, also leaving them on the PC hard drive. And in ~2006 I started keeping my best stuff on the camera cards themselves too. All that plus prints = overkill maybe? lol

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I don't know about brands, but I back up all my pics, personal and client, on external drives. I used up a 500 GB drive and bought a TB drive. I now back up the back-up drive to a remote backup site through mozy.com.

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Do not rely on backing up all your stuff in just one drive. I would do a remote back up or back up your drive with another one. I learned this the hard way. The external drive I had crashed and I had to pay approximately 3k to retrieve everything.

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definitely look into a remote service. mozy is really cheap. I pay 5 bucks a month for unlimited space.

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I'm a believer in overkill. Wink I keep my files on my hard drive, an external hard drive, a remote backup site, and CD. I rely less on the CDs these days, but the other 3 are *never* skipped.

External hard drives have gotten much less expensive, so I highly recommend getting one (or a couple - in my book, you can never have enough backups). The remote backup sites are also really handy and not very pricey for basic services.