failed field

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failed field

I found a beautiful field (quite a feat when you are in southern AZ)

I brought a fun chair

and a semi-willing subject

TOO BAD THEY FLOOD IRRIGATE! They chair would have sunk past the seat into the mud if I put anyone on it!

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what a shame! the pic of the chair in the field is really pretty at least. Biggrin


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I wonder if I could convince my prissy little girl to wear waders? LOL.
I put more thought into it and figure they probably have to let it dry out a bit before harvesting and baling, so I will just keep checking on it!

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That would be a AWESOME pic! Hopefully you can make it all work out.

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yikes!!!! that stinks about the water. cause that is one cool field!

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what a nice field. too bad it was so wet. i'd definitely go back and check. Smile

btw i love all the fields everyone here seems to find. i haven't found anything like that here. I've seen a few but I am always afraid the owner will come out and yell at me or something. Smile