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So i totally overbooked myself this weekend with 4 photoshoots!!! They all went well though and the one i was most excited about was a maternity shoot at a street/small town fair/festival. It was my first attempt at light at night photography but i had fun with it and got some decent stuff. I'll put up the full post tomorrow on my blog but for now...here are my faves...

this whole series i LOVE!

this was a challenge to do without a tripod

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I have to say I have always wanted to do a fair shot!!! CUTE!

My only cc is in on the B&W ones, the top left and right pics- their facial expressions just aren't going for me. IDK what it is, but it's more like a snap I guess.

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What a fun place to do a maternity shoot!!! My favorite is the last one. You handled the long exposure really well! My only critique would be to watch your white balance - the whites in his shirt look blue to me - but I am at work on a horrible monitor, so take that with a grain of salt.

Thanks again for sharing! this looks like a really fun set!


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Thanks for the cc! The concession stand pics were more snapshot style and that's why i made then a collage. I didn't like them much individually but all together I thought it was cute. I definitely plan to do another shoot like this when the opportunity arises.

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I really wish you had taken your tripod with you because that last shot would have been fantastic. The camera shake on their faces draws my eye.