Family + 3 month old session
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Thread: Family + 3 month old session

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    Default Family + 3 month old session

    So I did a 3 month old session this weekend. 3 month olds are hard! They don't sit up or lay down well at all but I am happy with the results. A lot of the pics became family pics but for this age I think it's fitting.

    i sorta liked the effect on this one...

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    Those suspenders are something else! I think you did a good job on propping him up on the baby only shots.

    #1 - Love this one! Conversion is nice, and I think you caught a great moment.

    #2 - Hmm...I'm thinking this one needs a bit of a 'pop'. How? Not sure I suck at editing lol!

    #3 - It's neat how the sunflare is framing them, but there's a lot of haze there. Again, I think they need to 'pop' a bit more.

    #4 - This one isn't really doing much for me. Maybe it's because I like the first one so much? The background flowers are blown so it's distracting me some.

    #5 - Is this tilt in camera? I think I'd like to see it without the tilt. You may be able to keep his foot in too if it's not in camera.

    #6 - Cute! Maybe just a bit more warmth?
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    Nice job! I really love #1 too. It's a precious moment, and the way the mom is holding baby gives the impression of a gentle little squeeze; as well, with her eyes down and that one strand of hair, it looks so genuine and tender somehow.

    #2 is so nice, what a happy-looking family they are!

    The tilt seems a bit much to me in #3, #4, and #5. I like some tilt sometimes, but the tilt just seems a bit strong. I do like #4 though, the colours and the moment.

    #5 is really cute. Would like to see a bit tighter crop just for curiosity's sake.

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    Here is my quick cc:

    1 - I like this, conversion is nice. I would edit out the tree behind the baby. Also, the hair on mom's face is a bit distracting.

    2 - Take this with a grain of salt since I am on uncalibrated monitor, but they look a little gray on my monitor. The color/background could use some pop.

    3 - The haze and tilt is a bit too much for me.

    4 & 5 - I am not fan of the tilt

    6 - Cute, looks cool to me.
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    Hey! I can imagine 3 months is a hard age to capture.

    I LOVE the moment you have in #1, by far my favorite! I do like #3, but wish it wasn't quite so much haze. I'd probably put a bit more contrast and blacks to it.
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