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Thread: This family is a challenge for me

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    I love them.
    1. she looks gorgeous and you did a great job here!
    2. I don't mind that the baby isn't asleep. I think it's a very sweet shot!
    3. At first glance I wasn't sure, but once I looked at it again, I adored it. Brother is unsure of everything and it's just a REAL shot.
    4. I like this one. I saw one like this on pinterest and adored it!
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    #1&2 are precious, love them.

    #3 - I think the boys expression is more "curiosity" than "freaked out"... I think it's sweet.

    I actually really like #4. I think the colors are warm and pretty, love the fabric she's wrapped in. I do agree with a pp though that I would crop it so that the horizontal bar across the top is straight.

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    There is some distortion going on in that last one. I noticed when I was working on it that if I tried to straighten the horizontal bar on the top, that the vertical lines would go crooked. Boo! I wonder if I was just too close?

    He wouldn't touch the baby again after that one shot. The only thing he would do was give her a kiss after that. lol

    Thanks for all the CC everyone!
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