Family Photo Shoot CC please!

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Family Photo Shoot CC please!

Had a fun family photo shoot. These are some friends of mine. GREAT family. Laid back and super easy. The boy has had a lot of medical issues, so he is a momma/daddy boy. He wasn't too happy with me and my big black box, but I did the best I could. I got a few smiles. Anyways, would love some cc here.

1/640, f/3.2, ISO-800

J5_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

2. Maybe a bit blue? He's naturally really pale, so I struggled with this. Mom and Dad are a lot darker than him.
f/3.2, ISO-800, 1/800

G2_4x6_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

3. I like this one in color and B&W.....what's your thoughts?

C&R2_filtered_B&W2_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

C&R2_4x6_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

I realize to some this might be an out-take, but he is giving her a kiss! Mom loved this moment, so I am giving it to her!

Kiss_4x6_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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Oh fun!

I'm not a huge fan of #1. I like that she's being playful, and it's a sweet smile. But I'm not liking that I can't see her arms. A different angle would have been better IMO.

#2 might be a little blue... but I think mostly what I'm seeing is the reflection of the blue clothes on his arms, because the face doesn't look too blue to me.

I think I prefer the b&w of #3. The crop is more pleasing to me, and the blown spots on her dress stand out to me more in color.

I LOVE #4 for the sweet moment you captured. As a mom, that would be my favorite.

All in all, I think you did well. I see that there are some nearly blown spots on some of the clothing. It's a problem I've been struggling with myself recently. I tend to like my pictures slightly over exposed as to slightly under exposed, because I prefer the brightness generally. But I think I might start playing around with bumping it down a tad.

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Adorable family!

1 and 2 look cool to me, but the color in 4 looks a lot better. Maybe try to bump 1 and 2 to get closer to that.

I like color better in #3, but would like to see the original crop in color too! I bet your friend will adore this picture!

I think it is so great that you get out there and practice and take pics for others!!! TFS

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Great job with this shoot, Sadie! Your work is looking so beautiful!

My comments to add to what's already been said:

#1 - The arms don't bother me because I can tell what she's doing by her forward-leaning posture. She looks so happy, you captured a great expression.

#2 - Very cute, just looks too bright to me.

#3 - I like the colour version better. Really beautiful shot of the two of them!

#4 - Beautiful moment here, so fun and full of joy! Beautiful colour here too.