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family photos - CC

My boys were feeling sorry for me after a really tough time at work this weekend, so they agreed to a short photo shoot. It's too hot to take them outside like we normally do, so I managed to carve out a little space to set up my backdrop and lights. Unfortunately, Logan just can't keep his eyes open w/ the flash. Beee We tried so many different ways to get him to keep his eyes open, but only managed partial success (half open eyes).

Anyway ... I thought I would share the few salvageable shots here for some CC. I have a thick skin, so comment on anything you care to share! I see so many issues from wb to posing to the fact that most were severely underexposed, but the only way I learn to get better is through these little efforts, so I would appreciate your thoughts on how to improve.

All were shot w/ my 50mm at f/8 (or very close to that) with a SS of 1/200 and an ISO of 500.

I should have opened my aperture up more. At least to around f/4 or so. I honestly was hurrying so much that I just plain forgot to check it.

Anyway ... here are the few I managed to salvage:




and a quick collage ... just because. Wink

Ya know ... I think for our next set, I'll wait for a cold front. Blum 3


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Gigi, nice photos. I'd be happy with some like this of my family. I can't comment on colour as am on my phone.

1. To me it looks like you're shadowed in this photo. Your husband seems nicely exposed to me, but you look like the light didn't quite reach you (although, this could be my phone).

2. I like theconnection but their shirts blend together too much for me.

3. This is sweet. I'd like to see a little bit more of his face but it isnt a huge issue to me.

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GiGi, I LOVE how happy your family always looks together! You and your guys rock! Smile

1. I love this! My only thought is it seems there is a bit of dodging around you guys, a bit of an outline that I see?
2. The conversion is awesome here, love this moment between them! How wonderful!
3. Very sweet! I like this a lot. It seems like I can see some dodging here too, and a bit of discoloration at the edges of the hair? But that might be my monitor.

The collage is so beautiful!

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Omg They are Awesome
i wish you were closer I'll have you do come for my family We need some done bad

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I don't like taking photos indoors either. It gets me so frustrated.

I agree, your family looks so happy together!

#1 - Wish you were a little bit more even with him. I like his pose!

#2 - I also see a halo around them. Great connection!!

#3 - So cute! Love it! I just see a little bit of dodging/burning that you missed by Logan's shirt.

#4 - Love the collage!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

Gemma ... you're right. I fell in shadow in #1. I was limited on where I could place the lights. Maybe next time I'll have more room and can get the light a bit more even.

Tracy - you are right about the dodging in #1 adn #3. I didn't notice it at work (I know, I shouldn't be editing at work, but I need my breaks too, right?). I fixed it at home, but didn't upload the changed file. I am hoping the prints will come back OK though.

Cassandra - I'd love to take pics of you and your crew! You have some real cuties on your hands.

Stephanie ... thanks for the compiments and pointing out the dodging errors. I did go back over it, but I will probably blow it up real big and check again before I send it to print.

TFL guys!


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No CC to add, they look good to me.

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I think they're great, you all look so happy.