Family Portrait - Need Help!!!

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Family Portrait - Need Help!!!

DH's family is getting together for his grandmother's 95th b'day at the end of the month. My MIL wants to get a family picture since everyone will be there. DH's Aunt decided take it a step higher and hire a professional photographer and wants everyone to coordinate outfits. She's suggesting Black Tops and Khaki Pants for the adults and plaid for the kids and the grandmother in whatever color she wants

Here in lies the issue:
No one likes the outfit ideas. I personally think it's too much black/tan. There will be 15 adults and 6 kids. I feel if all adults are wearing black polos, they'll just look like a bunch of heads on top of a black background.

DH's family is very stubborn. DH will NOT wear khaki pants, This person won't buy this etc. My uncle wont wear jeans etc.

I'm going to call my Aunt and ask her to speak to the photographer and get his/her opinion. But i wouldn't mind having some suggestions too. I think it would look nice to have coordinating outfits, but I think they need to be a little more flexible. Maybe just desiganate black with blue/orange and get everyone to wear something along those lines???

Any ideas?

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blues and browns are always a good combo. Maybe just have people wear nice cool tones, blues and khaki's and tans and browns. Maybe that would make it more flexible and not make everyone go out and have to buy something. Photo shoots where EVERYONE matches exactly is no fun and all the kids in random plaids i think would be a bit much too.

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I personally hate everyone in all the same color for these types of photos....especially when one of those colors is black....but I do like a photo where everyone sort of "goes". I like the idea of colors that look nice together.

It might be better to give color options. It's important to know what the background will be when thinking about colors as well. If the background will be dark, richer colors might work best. If the background is a beach or something...more pastelly colors would work better. If the background will be clothing should be out. etc...

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Great points, Amber! And I agree ... I think a matching set of colors is much easier on all involved.

Hope this turns out to be a good experience for you guys.


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These are wonderful suggestions. Thanks. Just sent an email to my uncle since it appears the aunt doesn't want to call/communicate with me? I guess we will see how this plays out!

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Sounds like a fun family to work with....not. Sorry you are dealing with this. I think Amber made some good suggestions. Can't wait to hear how it all turns out. I have my nephew's mom (my sister's stepson's mom) ask me to do her g-mas's 90th b-day party on Saturday, so I am in the same boat.