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Family Portrait Share

A little over a week ago, we had a mini-session with a local photographer that I've been admiring for quite some time. I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with her. He gave us 20 minutes with her and 13 images with the print release.

I'm so so happy with how these turned out. Drew was being your typical "guy" about them. He didn't want to do them, and even snapped at me in the car on the way there because he was so anxious about them. We got the images yesterday, and you know what he told me? He said, "I'm so proud of these pictures." Made me about want to cry, because I knew how much he didn't want to do these. He really likes the way he looks in all of them, except the ones on the couch. (He doesn't like his double chin) Anyway, I want to share these with you all. They look a little oversharpened, because she gave me web versions which included sharpening, and you all know how Flickr also sharpens. So double the sharpening Wink I'd fix it, but I wanted to leave her watermark in. If you want to view the entire set, here it is on Flickr:

I showed Carson this one, and he said he didn't like it. I asked him why, and it was because his daddy wasn't throwing HIM up in the air Wink She did take some shots of Carson in the air, but they must not have turned out as well. This is one of her signature shots.


These type turned out to be my favorites. I love that it shows our "happy chaos".

This is on the front of our Christmas Cards

We were cracking up during these! She wanted the boys in between us, but as soon as we layed down, they jumped on our backs and started bouncing up and down like they were riding the pony. I couldn't stop laughing! Again, when I showed this one to Carson, he was upset because he wasn't on MY back. Silly kid!


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Really nice shots, Steph! You are a beautiful family and you can see the love in them; the photographer did a wonderful job. I really love the pose in the last one, and the first one is very cool. The second one is sweet, love the sense of family camaraderie and love you get from it!

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These are very nice! Love the fall colors!

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Beautiful pictures, glad you had a chance to get some family pictures from a photographer you admire.

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Ohh so lovely

Love the kissing ones!

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LOVE. Seriously- these are great!

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These are fabulous Stephanie! I wish I could find an awesome but reasonable photographer to take family photos like that around here. Especially love the first one. That bold blue sky is amazing!

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I am going to have to do our own again Sad I wish I could find someone willing to do a trade and can't afford to hire anyone...

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Fantastic, the first 2 are my favourites

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Thank you everyone! I'm so so happy to have these photos of my family. They're exactly what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for anything more Smile

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These are great! I love the one of you in the leaves!