Family Re-Shoot

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Family Re-Shoot

This is the family I dropped my camera with. Because of them I just went out and got the Black Rapid women's strap. I HIGHTLY recommend this strap, it's amazing! My only qualm I think will be when I want to use my tripod, but that's another thread.

Because of the dropped camera, I decided to give them another short shoot. Instead of morning we chose evening (I've found I LOVE evening light!). I'm so glad I chose to re-shoot them, because I love just about every shot I took. I was much better with settings, not so many blown highlights, etc.

These are just three shots, but I wanted to get some specific CC on them if possible.

1) 1/400 2.2 200
I'm having a really hard time with this boy's skin. I was WAY green and I tried to get it out, but now I just don't know.
2010-11-13 v02R

2) 1/400 2.0 200
I love this one, but in color the leaves were just too busy. I tried a BW it any good? I like it, but I don't know...need other's opinions.
2010-11-13 v03R

3) 1/500 2.0 200
Mom is such a sweet heart and I can tell she loves her boys. They all have different skin tones and in almost ALL my photos, youngest DS is green compaired to the rest of the family...
2010-11-13 v04R

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These are great! Glad you got to play with evening light. I love evening light.

#1. Great the eye contact and the smile. Color looks a touch cool to me. Also, it looks like you've gotten a bit of distortion on him. What lens were you using? You may need to make sure to take a step back from your human subjects when using that lens so as to keep their facial features from distorting.

#2. Not really a fan of the conversion...I think color may help me see it better. I dunno, I always have a problem with images in a natural setting being black and white.

#3. Just lovely. Mom should love this one.

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Thanks Amber.

I was using my sigma 30mm 1.4. I can't seem to get it off my camera. I'm pretty sure I got #1 while I was pretty close to the boy, so that's probably why the slight distortion. It's not too terribly bad, is it?

Here's #2 in color....I'm just kind of on the fence about it.
2010-11-13 c05R

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I think I do like the color version better! The only thing that bothers me is how the dad's shirt kind of blends into that tree. I am editing challenged so IDK if there is a way to fix that, lol. And I just wanted to say that I LOVE the one with mom and the boys!

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#1 - The focus on his face is wonderful, his eyes really pop, I'm finding it a bit washed out, try playing with the exposure.

#2 Great conversion, I agree with you this is a great picture. I love the colour one too, maybe try softening the colours in the background to make it less destracting.

#3 Another beautiful picture I think its great that you got everyone looking at the camera, little ones can be soooooo difficult.

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"Jeffininer" wrote:

Thanks Amber.

I was using my sigma 30mm 1.4. I can't seem to get it off my camera. I'm pretty sure I got #1 while I was pretty close to the boy, so that's probably why the slight distortion. It's not too terribly bad, is it?

Here's #2 in color....I'm just kind of on the fence about it.
2010-11-13 c05R

I REALLY like #2 in color. I agree about dad's shirt..but it's not bad enough to make me want it black and white. The leaves don't bother me at all. Such a sweet picture.

That explains the distortion. 30mm would definitely make the little boy's face more pointy. It's a great lens....but not so great for portrait close ups. I'd switch to a 70+ lens for when you want to get up close and personal. The closer to 100mm the better. It does SO many wonderful things to a portrait when you can use a telephoto. You have less background to worry about and smoother bokeh which makes the subject the really clear focus. It also is just SO much more flattering for human subjects. AND you don't have to get uncomfortably close to them which lets them act more natural.

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I definitely prefer the color version. Like Amber, I have a hard time with natural settings in b&w. Sometimes it works, but I think this one works very well in color so I wouldn't change it.

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YAY for finding awesome light!

1) I have to say this looks cool to me, but that might just be me. LOVING those eyes! I see the distortion too.
2) Totally agree with loving the color!
3) this is a really sweet photo. I think the skintones look fine!

I think you did awesome!

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I'm a fan of evening light myself. (Plus, I'm not much of a morning person, so morning shoots don't really agree w/ me. Wink )

1. He doesn't look green to me, but I see a bit of blue in his eyes.

2. I think this works well as a b&w. The boys do look awful cute w/ dad watching.

3. I think this looks great! No one looks green to me here. I love mom's expression. You can certainly tell how much she loves those boys! I am *so* impressed that they are all in focus at f/2.0!!! WOW! What lens did you use for this? And how far away from them were you? This is my favorite of the set!

OK ... I just saw #2 in color. I like it that way a LOT!!! I'm gonna go against the flow though b/c I still like the b&w. I think the 2 treatments have a totally different feel to them. If you are still not sold on the b&w, maybe try some kind of texture on it. Just a thought. Smile

These are REALLY GREAT! I know the family is going to be thrilled!


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I agree with all the CC, I definitely noticed the distortion in #1 because it's happened to me when Eva gets too close lol. (she sometimes teases me by walking right up to the lens & giggling while I'm trying to shoot)

I like both versions of #2 but I think the color is nicer since it's such a pretty fall location.

#3 is defnitely awesome! I'd love to see more! Smile

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#1 is a cute shot, but I can't put my finger on what is off about the color.

#2 is another cute shot...I like it of the boys in b&w, but like it better overall in color

#3 LOVE Smile