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Family Session

I had a family session for a friend yesterday. I was a little nervous about the time, since she said she couldn't do any earlier than 9am, so I was going in knowing that I'd have to do a lot of backlighting since there's no shade from the trees at the moment. She really wanted to do some shots at this great barn that we both drive past every week taking the kids to school. I was reluctant though, because even though it looks like it was on the conservation that we were meeting at, there was no way to get to it, except from the road and over a rope. But someone in her daughter's class lives across the street, and gave us the low down on it. The conservation owns it, so SCORE! The barn shots turned out to be my favorites.

Anyway, I'd love some serious CC on these. I'd like to get them to her as soon as I can, so I'd love to know if there are any issues in them that I can fix. I'll try not to make this an enormous share Wink I'll add settings if you need/want them.







If you want to see the whole set and would have the time to CC them, here's the Flickr Set link:

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Stephanie, I am going to look at these again (and the whole set on Flickr if I can) on my iPad - it seems more calibrated than my laptop -- but you did a GREAT job!!

Honestly, the mom is going to love every single one of these!!

I do like the barn pictures, but I love all of the other ones even more. The oldest daughter's boots are a little distracting to me for some reason in the barn pics - obviously nothing you could do about that, but my eye was immediately drawn to them for some reason...?

#3...oh, what I wouldn't give for a picture of my girls with a pleasant look on their face, both looking at the camera with no hair in their faces! Smile Beautiful!

Love the purply/pink shirt in the last one. 1 and 2 may be a little bright - you haven't lost all detail, but shirts definitely look more white than creme to me (like 3,4, and 5) -

YOu did a great job! I enjoyed looking at these!

eta: I went back and looked, and I think it is mainly dad that seems too bright in 1 & 2...?

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Thanks for the feedback! It's funny that you mention the boots, because dad kept talking about how big they are lol!

I have quite a few nice ones of the girls on the straw. I really loved the light I got in the barn. The girls just sparkled in there Smile

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If I've posted too many to CC on individually, you can pick and choose. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give Smile

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These are *so* lovely Stephanie! The family is going to go NUTS for these!

The first two look slightly tilted to me and I keep turning my head when I look at them. It may just be an optical illusion on my part though, but it might be worth a quick check - the lines in the barn wall are what seem to be throwing me.

I'll bet mom and dad want a BIG version of #3. What a truly sweet moment and the straw really helps take the attention away from those tall boots. Wink

The sky looks blown here in #4. Especailly above the tree line and between dad and baby's faces. Love the composition here though. Really sweet and tender.

#5 is another BIG WINNER (imho). Great back lighting - she looks like she is simply glowing and it works perfectly here!

The eyes look a little dark (her right eye, especially) here in #6. Might be my terrible monitor here at work though, so take that w/ a grain of salt.

If I get another break this morning, I'll go check the full flickr set!

Great job Stephanie! And TFS with us. Biggrin


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Thank you for your CC GiGi! I really appreciate the nitpicky stuff. It's exactly what I need.

I have ordered some test prints, so hopefully they turn out the way I want them.

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Bravo! These are just fabulous. Love the colors and the poses you set up. Great work.

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I'm way too tuckered out for detailed CC, but wanted to chime in and say that these are really lovely. Nice color, clarity, and focus. Careful not to overexpose. 2, 4, and 5 look a bit too bright to me.

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Thank you so much, Amber and Marie! I'll have a look at how the test prints come out, and I may go back and fix the clothes if they're coming out too bright. Hopefully the prints will get here today.

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I just saw these on flickr and came over here to see if you'd posted them, they're lovely! My favorites are the ones of the girls in the barn. I would DIE to have some like this of my family Stephanie! You're WAY better than any "professional" in my town Smile I agree that some look a bit bright, but as a whole, they're awesome.

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Wow, thanks, Kristen! I really feel like I made a breakthrough with my photography this past year (after trying and trying for 2 years with it).

Now, with the bright images, is it just their shirts, or the image as a whole?