Farm Market = new fave place!

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Farm Market = new fave place!

I went out with a family to a local little farm/market yesterday. The forecast said rain all day but it looked to be clearing around noon so i bumped up the 530 time in hopes we could escape the rain...luckily, we did! The clearing but still overcast midday sky was hard to work with and while I ALWAYS shoot in manual mode, i had to switch to Av to keep up with the little 19mo. old and not miss shots to making adjustments. the sky would frequently be overexposed just to expose faces correctly, but i can deal with that i guess. Inside of the little barn/market was my favorite by far since i didn't have to compete with the are some of my favorites from there. These are post edit but i'll include the settings for CC if you'd like...

f/3.2 1/200 ISO400

f/5 1/80 ISO400

f/3.2 1/200 ISO400

f/3.2 1/200 ISO400 (side of his face was overexposed but it was the only pic where he would look at me!)

there are bunches more on my blog but thanks for looking!

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Love these!! The colours are fantastic!

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Very neat shots! Love them. Love the light in #1.

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I LOVE the farmers market too. We go every Saturday Smile These are great. #2 looks a bit bright/blown. #1 is my favorite!

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Great job...these were so fun to look at. My favorite is the one of him walking away from you and looking back in the pumpkin patch! So cute!