Farm pics (please cc)**4th pic added

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Farm pics (please cc)**4th pic added

Hi, I took these over a couple of wet miserable days. I would love some feedback on any or all. Ta

1. Focal length 30mm. SS 1/8000s, A f.5.0, ISO 1600
Cold, miserable day. Bumped ISO up so could have faster SS to "freeze" the water

IMG_2973wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

2. Cow pics (just realised have tree coming out of head in both)
FL 85mm. SS. 1/400 Ap 6.3 ISO. 1600

SOOC (with watermark)

IMG_3066sooc by Gem_D, on Flickr

Adjusted curves and slightly sharpened - am I doing this right or making look worse?

IMG_3066wm2 by Gem_D, on Flickr

3. Another cow
FL 85mm. SS. 1/400 Ap 6.3 ISO. 1600

IMG_3065wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

4. Dam
FL 38mm. 1/3200 F9.0 ISO 1600

IMG_2970wmreduced by Gem_D, on Flickr

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Farms are such cool places to shoot. Looks like fun!

To be honest, #1 doesn't do anything for me. But I get what you were trying to do -- I've been trying to capture some interesting water shots. It's a bit tough.

I like the cow pics. #2, I'm not so good at PP work and I can't see much difference between the SOOC and the alternative. I think it's a neat shot, just perhaps a bit weak compositionally.

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Just realised 4th pic didn't upload. Might try that again tomorrow.

Tracy - pic 1 doesn't grab me at all either Smile I'm trying to improve technique though so thought I'd include it for suggestions on what to do next time

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I do appreciate what you were doing with the water in #1, but yeah, the composition overall doesn't do much for me.

I think the pictures of the cows would be a bit more interesting if we could see more of their eyes, so we feel a bit of a connection. That's an odd thing to say when talking about a cow lol. I think they could also be brightened a bit. Smile

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1. neat subject. I like the lines created by the tank, or whatever it is. for being iso 1600, I don't see mu;ch grain, so I don't htink you lost anything by bumping that up. It's cool that you used the faster ss to freeze the water, but it might also be fun to try a longer exposure to compare to this one. You might get some really fun shots.

2. I like the edited version. the colors do pop more, but be a little careful - maybe mask back in the eyes as they got lost a little with the edit. The tree doesn't bother me as it's fairly far away and as such nicely blurred.

3. again, we can't really see the eyes here. again the tree is not TOO much of a bother, but there is a darker brown section on it that almost makes the cow look like it's got one lone horn sticking up (camera right, cow's left)

4. I can't see this shot.

Over all, I'd say you're off to a good start here. The composition of the water shot could be stronger, but perhaps if you play with framing perhaps coming in a bit tighter or as I suggested above, try a longer exposure to see how it changes the water effect, you could end up with some really neat shots. The texture of the tank could lend itself to some really interesting takes, I think.

I like the cows - just brighten them up around the eyes so that they look more natural.

I look forward to seeing the dam photo.


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I agree with Gigi

I love cows. So darn cute!