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feedback appreciated

Back in mid-September, I brought out all of my camera toys and took them to the dojo as several other judo/TKD moms asked me to take a few pictures. Usually, Carlos and Loli will tag along and act as my assistants. But this time Loli was sick so I was on my own. About half way through the shoots, a young girl who sometimes takes judo classes came in and just started to hang out with me. Soon she had jumped in and was helping in ways I couldn't begin to imagine that I ever even needed.

She doesn't like to have her picture taken, but I convinced her to let me snap a handful of images before she started her class. I am hoping to print at least one to give to her mom. This one is my favorite of the few she let me take:

I also played around a bit and came up with these 2 edits. Do any of these "work"? She really didn't want her photo taken and you can tell in the vast majority of the shots that I took (and I only took 6 or 7 quick ones). I want so much to be able to give her something for helping me out and I _know_ her mom would love a picture.

I'd love your thoughts.


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I really like your two edits, GiGi! I love the texture in the background because the background just wasn't "doing it" for me in the SOOC. My favorite of the two edits is the second one. I think that it really softens the light on her face and gives it a nice feel.

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Hmmm, that's interesting, because I don't like the second edit as much, as it feels gray to me. I really like the first, though. The added texture enhances the subject a lot. Nicely done, and so awesome of you, GiGi, I know her mom will be thrilled and she'll be glad she was willing to pose for you too, even if she did it reluctantly at the time!

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I like both really. I think you did a great job adding more to the photo without overdoing it. I would have to say I choose the color though. What a sweet girl to help out! I know mom will love these!

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I also like the texture in #2, however lighting is a bit flashy on her "t-zone". Can you dodge or reduce that? Also, there is a slight color cast or maybe color issue as I am seeing her a bit more yellow/cyan.

I played with the picture a bit, its private on flickr I can take down if you want.
Here is what I did - duplicate layer
then grabbed a dropper and pick a spot on her cheek
grabbed paint brush and set to 18% opacity then brushed on her "t-zone"
then went to play around with the color by selecting her face
then going to image adjustment then select hue/saturation and played around with the color
Also reduced her bags

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I also like your second edit GiGi. Only thing is that her face kinda fades a bit into the background if that makes sense... I have no clue how to do it myself, but is there anyway to make it pop a bit more? Maybe increasing the contrast would be enough. Like I said, IRDK.
I'm loving the background though.

And I agree with El about the lighting and skin tones. Your edit is really nice btw, El.

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She sounds like such a sweet girl, GiGi! I am a real fan of the spirit of your second edit, but (like Danielle) I think it might benefit from a bit more contrast. There's something about that color that makes me think of an old martial arts movie, and that's really awesome! The color edit is really nice too though.

El, you really made that color edit pop! I like what you did Biggrin