Feedback- Extremely Pic Heavy

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Feedback- Extremely Pic Heavy

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I uploaded them a different way so that I could post them easier in here.

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Is there anything specific that you're wanting feedback on?

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Not anything particular I guess. I'm kinda new to the taking photos.. these were done with my point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix but I think they turned out pretty good and then i edited them. Just wanna know if I'm on the right track and how they look and such.

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Were these shot in auto or manual? If you're shooting in automatic on a point and shoot there isn't very much feedback we can give for the technical aspect of the photos. We can comment on composition if you like.

What was your goal with the photos. To see if you're on track we'll need to know what you were going for. Were these meant to be snap shots or fine portraits? It looks like you may have used a tripod and timer on some of them? Specific info about each photo is very helpful.

The folks on this board can (and will) be very helpful, but it's easier to give feedback when we know what you're specifically working on.

Should we be giving feedback to you as though you were a serious hobbyist who is trying to become proficient at photography or as a mom who likes to take photos of her kids?

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I'll try to come back for some CC later, but want to say good for you for putting your work up for us to see! It's by regular posting that I started to improve, and even though I have a long way to go, it's so good to be involved here and get inspiration and tips.

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Tracy said it best before I could ... GOOD ON YOU for getting some pics posted!

I think these photos show that you have a good eye for composition and good interaction between the camera and the folks in the pictures. I am looking forward to seeing much more from you!

What kind of editing have you been doing? Is there something in particular you would like to work on with your editing?

It's always great to have new faces on the board and I really look forward to getting to know you better.


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I agree with the other girls! WELCOME! You did the hardest thing- posting pics for CC! WELL DONE!

I too am curious if you have specifics and if you used auto or manual. #1 is your best shot. I feel like the others are more like snapshots, but I love the sky in these! Keep it up!

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You have some amazing blue sky going on in these!

Since I'm not sure if you're in manual or auto, I'll focus on things to work on for composition. You'll want to try to stick to the rule of thirds. Basically, make sure that your subject isn't in the dead center of the frame. It creates kind of a "boring" comp, and makes it look more like a snapshot instead of a portrait. Also, watch for limb and head chops. There's a great image on Flickr that I need to dig up that shows you where it's acceptable to chop, and where you shouldn't chop a limb. Head chops need to look intentional. So when you chop just a tiny bit of the top of the head, it looks like a mistake. I'd also watch out for shooting "up" at someone. Typically, you will want to shoot slightly down on someone, as it's the most flattering angle. There are definitely exceptions and creative choices that warrant shooting more up or straight on, but as a general rule, try to get slightly above your subject (But not too much above! You don't want them looking like their straining to look at you.)

I like the lifestyle approach that you're taking on these. Katie does fantastic with lifestyle photography, and I'm sure that she will have some tips on that . It's all about angle and light.

I'm so glad to see a new face around here! I hope you'll stay and grow along with us!

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I think you got some good advice. The hardest part is posting at all but I promise this is the best place to learn cause everyone is not a family member saying everythings great. (even though it's nice to hear that now and then;) I have gotten CC in the past where I looked at the picture and I didn't see what everyone else seen. Months later I went back to the same picture and laughed at how off it was. This board will help you notice things that you might not notice yourself so keep posting and welcome:)