Feeling like a 'pro'

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Feeling like a 'pro'

Just have to share, I'm really excited about this... I've been on this RedBubble site for a while, posting photos and stuff, and recently I created and ordered a calendar of some of my floral photos. It just arrived today, and I am seriously SO excited that MY photos are in this big, gorgeous, professionally-printed, high-quality calendar! I know, it's all my work and probably no one else will ever order it, but there is something so exciting and rewarding about seeing your work printed up just like a pro's.

I know most of you ladies are superbly talented and some of you have been real pros for a long time, so you may be used to seeing your work done up in a professional way (large prints, on canvas, etc.), but this is kind of a first for me. It sure is a fun feeling! Makes me want to just keep shooting and get better and have a ton more stuff to be proud of!

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i hear ya! One of my earlier sessions was a freebie session for a girl at church with 2 small kids. The shots turned out great and she ordered a bunch of them. She replaced the other pro ones in her house with mine and gets compliments on them all the time Smile And i ordered a photo book to use as an on the go portfolio so it make me feel like a pro. I know i'm not...but it's nice to have work worth printing right? Congrats on feeling like you've arrived...we all have in our own way!

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It felt neat to me like that when I ordered a canvas of one of my tiger photos to hang in Eva's room Smile and when I got cards made for a friend with one of my ocean sunsets on them. And my 12x12" yearly hardcover nature books--those are always so exciting!
This fall/winter I'll be printing calendars of my nature photos for 2 friends so I am excited to see those too!

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I can only imagine! I actually saw some of my work on my friend's wall and it made me smile. You work is great and I am glad you finally got a good feeling out of it. I sometimes wonder why I do this b/c I don't see the end product printed, but it's so nice to capture those moments/things.