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A few for cc

So I had a practice shoot with a boy (and his sister) from dd's original playgroup. The mother and I met way back when the kids were babies. Now they are 4! Time flies! This shoot was really hard though. 2 and 4 years old, you would think since they are almost the same age as mine I would know what to do but I was at a loss this day. At least they didn't run from the camera like mine do!

Would love some cc though.

1. iso was really high on this because we were running out of light by this time. I should really run this through noisware. Maybe I'll download the trial.

2.Sorry I prepped this for my blog and don't feel like uploading another!


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AWE! Cuties!

I like the comp on # 3 it works well with the colours she is wearing


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cute!!!! I think the first one is adorable. colors look good from here. I'm not a fan of the tilt on the second. and I like the third, I'm digging the comp with the road curve behind her.

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I think all 3 are great. I honestly don't have any complaints about either. Loving all the fall colors!

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I actually really like the tilt, I think it's my favorite!

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Cute kids. I think the only thing I would do is brighten it up a bit.

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#1 and #2 may be a touch dark, but they are all just lovely. I even like the tilt. Hey, are you charging yet? hint hint

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Aww thanks for the compliment Amber. I don't really feel ready. I need to research the business stuff. But I think that you may have a prepro set to cc for me in a couple weeks.

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I love all 3! #3 is my favorite though.