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A few for CC

I joined Clickin Moms a couple of months ago and mainly just lurk. It's been a great resource of information. I found out there were a bunch of photogs local to me and they actually do monthly meet-ups! My first one was this past Saturday evening. I had SO much fun. Most are professionals or starting their own business, so getting to pick their brains was very cool!! The next meet-up is going to be at the beach, and I'm afraid I won't be able to make that one Sad But, it's nice to have those ladies close to me to have as a resource.

Here are a few of my favs from that night.

1. 1/500 f/2.8 400

2010-09-05 02 R

2. 1/250 f/3.2 400

2010-09-05 05 R

3. 1/125 f/3.2 400

2010-09-05 07 R

4. 1/13 f/2.8 800

2010-09-05 10 R

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HOW FUN!!!!! I wish I had a local group like that. There's a club on campus, but it's mostly students and I always feel so old. Blum 3


1. This looks GREAT! Really good job on focus and exposure. I cna't believe how sharp she looks at f/2.8. I do wish we had more eye contact though.

2. WOWSERS!!!! She's adorable and everything about this shot ROCKS! Love the light in her eyes. Composition and focus look spot on as well! I love that you didn't shoot her straight on. I think if we couldn't see at least some of her body/feet like this, it would look awkward. GOOD JOB!

3. Another great one! I lvoe the punch of color next to all of the earthy colors.

4. TOO FUN!!!!! For a reflection, everyone looks pretty sharp.

TFS, Jennifer!


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HOW FUN! I so wish we had SOMETHING around here, but I live in such a rural place, it's next to impossible to find anything. Love the last one! Biggrin

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LOVE #2 Smile

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I saw these on FB ... I didn't realize it was a CM meetup. What's your username over there? I'm so sporadic on there, I want to do more but I just don't have the time. Sad So where did you meet? Looks like an awesome location. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures (I scrolled through one of the other CM's photos since she tagged you, so it was neat seeing you there too!). These are really nice, and it looks like it was a good time all around.

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i've been thinking of joining clickin moms. Is it anything like ILP where you post something and it either gets 1 reply or none? I am not likin ILP much these days and want to join something a bit smaller. But a bit busier than here Blum 3

anyway these are great. i saw them on FB. Smile looks like you had fun! i'm sure there are lots of photog groups around where I live (in the city) but most speak only Norwegian and I'd be totally clueless in a group like that unless it was in English. But in my hometown in Colorado I know of a photog group that I can't wait to be a part of someday. Smile

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Thanks everyone. I was the noob there, but it was neat seeing so many great photographers.

Gwen, my screen name is the same as here, Jeffininer. I don't post much because I'm such a lurker. But I'm trying to participate. I've learned SO MUCH from just reading. Also, we met in the old tobacco district in Durham, NC. It was a very neat place.

Loida, I found that if you are trying to go into business, CM is a much better resource than ILP. You can't talk business in the general threads at ILP, but you can at CM. When I've posted there, I've gotten good responses and helpful advice. It doesn't run as fast as ILP, but it is quick. I feel like it's a much friendlier environment than ILP.

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How great to have local meetups! I have a local flickr group, but the age range is from teenagers right up to 70's and everyone pretty much enjoys photography for themselves. Still, it's fun to meet up with others. Looks like you had great fun!

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awesome...i will have to check it out. was thinking of buying the 6 months for 30 bucks at first. i don't like how ilp is so fast but yet so slow in getting replies. you have to be part of their *group* in order for you to get any attention there. i don't like it. i like all the tutorials though. but still too busy for me lol