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A few for CC

I know I have been MIA. Lots and lots going on for me and my family. But I have still been able to take some pictures here and there. I also posted these on FBF, because I wasn't sure I'd have the time to get the specs down, and still wanted to share. Smile I've been trying to keep my SS quick to keep from having blurs from their movement, but I see that most of these probably could have had a lower ISO and SS. I know 160-200 is as low as I should probably go. But at what point does it become excessive? 400? 500?

1. f/2.5 1/1000 ISO 1600

2. f/2.5 1/1000 ISO 1600

3. f/4 1/400 ISO 1250

4. f/3.2 1/640 ISO 2500

5. f/2.5 1/1600 ISO 1600

6. f/2.5 1/1600 ISO 1600

7. f/5.6 1/100 ISO 2000 (I should have been more open with my A on this one...)

8. f/2.8 1/4000 ISO 200

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Not going to CC much since I am on a laptop with awful colour.

Your twins are adorable and you've captured some precious moments. The crop on the colour picture of your son (#7) I am not a fan of but it is a cute picture.

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1. Super cute. I love your conversion and the crop. I suppose you could have lowered your iso, but it doesn't seem to add any grain so I don't know how much it matters. Someone else might have a better answer to that Smile
2. Cute, but I think I like #1 better because of their expressions. I'm partial to b&w too Wink
3. To be honest, this picture is really confusing to me. Is it a composite?
4. Super sweet moment! I really, really love candid shots like this of kids doing everyday things!
5. Cute, but personally I'm not a fan of the white vignette (not sure what it's really called).
6. I wish there was some light in his eyes. Nice comp and conversion though.
7. Nice catchlights!
8. This is probably my favorite of the bunch! Even though it's busy in the background, it's such a tender sweet moment! I might even have to try this shot with my DH and the boys Smile

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Nice to see you again! Some cute pics of your kids... I always think I don't know how people with twins do it, as I was run off my feet with just my oldest when she was your kids' age! Smile

#1 is sweet and a nice conversion, though I wonder about increasing contrast just a touch more; but I'm not sure as my conversions are very hit and miss! I think I would like this shot if you had been straight on better -- down at their level, standing directly in front of the bench rather than at an angle. But you got some nice eye contact and catchlights here.

#2 Ditto for #1 about the positioning. Cute capture; I wonder about adding a soft light layer or something, to make it pop a little more too.

#3 Adorable idea and well done. She looks a bit blue to me.

#4 LOVE this one! I just love the comp and angle and conversion.

#5 Very sweet. I'm not so sure about the white vignette though. It seems to detract from the image.

#6 Nice capture, and on this one I like the dark vignette.

#7 The angle feels awkward to me, though it's a cute expression!

#8 I really like what you were going for here. So sweet! It'd be neat to see you try this again on a country road or a wooded path or something, as I find the cars a bit distracting in this one.

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Thanks ladies.

I like their expressions best in 1 too, but I like the framing in 2. #3 is a picture of her reflection in a mirror. It was an assignment for a photography course. I have some others where you can see her looking into the mirror, but I like her expression in this one. And I also wish the background of the last wasn't so busy. But this was just outside of our apt. I'm going to try it again another day when we are at the park or something.

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Your kids are ADORABLE!

1. I think Tracy is right- a tad more contrast to make it not so flat, and a different angle might have been better, but heck, you have BOTH of them looking at you with great light! Watch their feet though... LOVING those rolls!
2. This one looks more like a snap. I like #1 better.
3. It's the angle here that's throwing me off. I LOVE the idea though!
4. LOVE. This is a great example of lifestyle photography!
5. Try to watch your crops. The processing here doesn't do anything for the image.
6. the darker vignette works better here. Watch the crop though.
7. A bit of an awkward angle, but oh so cute! Great lights!
8. loving this one. You caught a moment only a mother would notice! Smile

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Here is the original (with slight adjustments) for #5.

And another one from that day.

Here's a different one taken with #3. It's SOOC. Next time I won't put her in white.

And a diff one of DS in his bed. Though the catchlights are much better in #7.

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I really do like this second set a lot. I can see colours better now that I am at home, and I think you got some good CC on that first set.

I think that in set 2, #3 she is still a little on the blue side, very cute picture and what a wonderful idea.

I really like this second shot of your DH in the crib, you could probably edit the catch lights in this one to really make it pop.