a few for CC--fall/Kindergartener

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a few for CC--fall/Kindergartener

I have a few more people pics for CC (yay! lol).....as most of you know, I am mainly a nature photographer but I love to practice portraits any chance I get. I mostly do sessions with my daughter, but I've had off and on chances with family & friends in the past 2 years. This past month I had a "boom" of sessions and have had a lot of fun practicing.

Here are a couple from a session my friend requested of me last week of his son. Please CC anything you notice that needs improvement. I used my 50mm f/1.8 and also some with my new 100mm f/2.8.

BTW this is the same location I used for Eva's fall 2011 photos, and I love using the setting sun in this rustic location. Smile

1. 100mm, 1/320, f/3.2, iso400
I have one of these with his arms crossed, as well.

2. 100mm, 1/500, f/3.2, iso400

3. 50mm, 1/800, f/3.5, iso1600
the sharpness on him is wonky :/

4. 50mm, 1/400, f/3.5, iso1600

5. 100mm, 1/250, f/3.2, iso400

6. 100mm, 1/1000, f/3.2, iso400
the color on him needs more work here maybe.....it was very red & hazy due to (intentional) extreme backlighting.

These are showing up smaller than usual, hmm. The rest of the set are at Flickr & FB. Thanks for any & all CC!

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Hey Amy, sorry I haven't replied to this yet. I saw it the other day, and meant to come back to it, and then it got lost in the shuffle somehow. I saw some of these on FB and think they're really cute! You did a great job!

#1 looks like he's having a lot of fun. Cute expression. I like the wall and the angle you've got going. I wonder about a slightly tighter crop. Seeing most of his arms and then having him cut off right above the hands seems a bit off. But that's really nitpicky.

#2 -- Love the way he's leaning against the tree and the crossed leg and his smile. Beautiful fall colours. Colour and exposure look pretty good, perhaps just a TINY bit dark?

#3 -- A fun idea, I love having him up in the tree. But for some reason this one doesn't totally work for me. Not sure if it's the sun on the left or what exactly. I do like the way his hair is lit with the sun, though. He's pretty centered here, could you try a different crop?

#4 -- Sweet shot of the two of them. It feels just the smallest bit too tight because the dad's hand is so close to the edge of the frame, but the exposure is great and I do love the oranges in the background.

#5 -- Beautiful light in his eyes! The yellow at the top is drawing my eye. I wonder if you'd been just a bit higher up to avoid that patch of yellow, if that would've worked a bit better. But then you might've gotten too much of what he's sitting on for your liking (a bench? a log?) or something... not too sure.

#6 -- Love the light here, and the composition is lovely. His face does look a bit too dark to me, but I love the shot. On the nitpicky front, the foot is a slightly bit chopped. (I do that ALL the time, though!)

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Thank you so much for the CC, Tracy.
I agree about #1, I wasn't sure if that existing crop would be ok or not since it is right around his wrists (with regard to the natural joint area "rule" about "crops). I can crop closer. I also have one with his arms crossed and all in the shot.

For #3, I am going to add this second tree shot; does this work better at all?

For #4, I agree it's tight. Actually the reason is that this was a merger of two images, because in the shot with their nice smiles, Dad's fingers were chopped. So I used an outtake that I had fired a second later, where they weren't looking, but his whole hand was there....and I expanded the canvas to "add" the rest of his hand Smile I love the golden sun behind the top too

I agree about the yellow in #5 too--I maybe should have bent down lower to get that out of there. But this was a split second opportunity where he had sat down on a long rusty pipeline for a pose but he was not staying still long at all Smile I could probably crop it out, or clone some.

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I definitely think the second one you posted for #3 is better!

And totally understood about the split second opportunities!

Good job on the "finger extension" for dad. Wink

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I think you got some really great feedback from Tracy, nothing to add. Wanted to say you did some great kindergarten photos.

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Thanks Tracy and Amanda! I am sure glad I shot the additional "outtake" after that Dad shot, I had thought about shooting the outtake moment for a second and said to myself "what the heck" they looked cute during it lol.....I'm glad I had it to work with because it had his whole hand in it. Again, the moment was quick (the boy didn't like to stay still long lol)

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#1 - I'd like to see the one with his arms crossed. I like the comp on this, but not where his arms are cut.

#2 - Those colors are to die for! So pretty! He looks nice and relaxed here. I would see about cropping out a bit more of the tree though. It's pretty dominant in the photo.

#3 - I like the second crop better. He's not so "swallowed" by the tree. He stands out much better.

#4 - This one isn't doing much for me, unfortunately. It looks like they're both about to fall over, which I'm sure they're not. Probably because dad's holding on to the tree instead of son, and boy is leaning all the way across dad.

#5 - The line of light on the top is taking my focus away from him. I know that it's already tight with the crop, so maybe you could clone the brightness out? Awesome light in his eyes!

#6 - I'm just not one for haze, typically. I love looking at a nice crisp photo, and hazy photos typically look OOF to me. I hear that the Mark III is fantastic for backlighting with haze, and will focus almost instantly. Anyway....lol! His face looks underexposed (and maybe even a little grainy), and the whole photo looks on the green side to me, but take that with a grain of salt, because I'm not calibrated. For the pose, I would love to see the back knee bent up and his back arm resting on it casually, since his legs are a bit lost in the tall grass.

I hope I don't sound harsh! These are really good, so I'm getting nitpicky to help you grow as a portrait photographer Smile

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Thank you Stephanie! I appreciate all of it! I have re-cropped #s 1 and 5 to include in his set. Yes I agree about the tree one, he really likes the closer-up one anyway too Smile #4 they were actually very balanced, but like I said the boy was not in any one position (OR facial expression) for longer than a couple seconds so I was happy to have this one. With #6 I agree; I actually have the same shot of my daughter in that same field at sunset a year ago and her legs were slightly bent up and her hands clasped in her lap, which looked good. And with hers a year ago I had a bit better facial exposure than I got here. I do love backlighting though and so I knew I'd have to work with the face at least a little bit in post. But I should have tried harder to get a shot with his legs better posed.

Here is the arms-crossed version of #1 but his facial expression isn't quite as normal LOL:

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