A few for CC (JMK) and a question about calibration

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A few for CC (JMK) and a question about calibration

Hello... Coming out of lurkdom for some advice, hoping to improve. Smile These are a few I took of my kids the other day. It was my first attempt at trying that seamless white background look. I don't have a backdrop stand or studio lighting or anything, so it was very DIY. They were near a window for a bit of natural light, but I also used my speedlite aimed at the wall behind me for all of these.

They were all ISO 400. I used f/3.2-3.5 and SS 1/200-250 (I can look up specifics for each if you want).

And for the question about calibration... I'm not calibrated, so these colors may be way off, sorry (I'll take advice on adjustments needed to correct color, just to try to get it as close as I can). But I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to get calibrated without spending a fortune?



The next two are my older DS. His shirt is brighter and the red appears blown in some areas (especially in the second one)... Is that correct? Is there a method to fixing that in lightroom (or avoiding it to begin with? Seems I've had this problem before with reds)..



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I just purchased and installed Spyderware on my iMac for about $60. I haven't edited on that computer yet, but installation was easy.