A few of ds from today...

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A few of ds from today...

He is such a little ham for a 20 month old!





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holy smokes he's grown so much in just the last little while.
love them, he's quite the model haha, his pose is so cute

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Could he be ANY CUTER?!! Love them all!

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He is the cutest!!!! Love that bokeh in #1 by the way!

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Holy cow, he is freaking adorable! I can't get over that sweet little smile! LOVE the bokeh in #1- amazing! My other fav is the last one. I can't get over how cute he is! TFS!

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He is really cute! What were your settings for the one on the brick steps? I love that one.

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He's adorable!!! I agree with a PP--love the bokeh in the first picture. I also love the composition of the last one.

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Oh he is just the cutest!!! Love #1, that would be on my wall for sure.

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I see great storyboard potential here! great job! I love them all!!!

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OMG, he is adorable!! What a little character! I LOVE the 1st one and am also very taken with the last. I would blow the 1st one up BIG!

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He is such a cutie pie, looks like he has a good little sense of humor too. I can't believe how quickly you have progressed since you started here. PrePro already too! That is so great. I'm glad you haven't forgotten about pg.org though!

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oh, look at him! he's gotten so big since your last share of him, and his hair really makes him look like a big boy. I love his curls. he's too cute!!!!