Few more from E-session for CC

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Few more from E-session for CC

Thanks so much for all the CC ladies. I am going to work on that first one for sure. I struggled with the sun big time b/c it was giving me some crazy colors.

1. This one I don't know how to crop. I don't like his pants, so I am struggling with it. What's your thoughts? Plus, I can't seem to get the coloring right here. I keep blowing the red channel...
f/3.5, ISO-800, 1/250

2. This one is one of my favs. This is the in camera crop. What's your suggestions on how to crop it? I feel like if I do crop, it's too close.
f/4.0, ISO-400, 1/160

3. She really wanted one with the scenery in the background. That's not my favorite, but it's for her.
f/3.5, ISO-800, 1/800 (should have lowered ISO here)

4. And a fun one. Lost the settings on this one. Looks yellow here?

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Ok, I swear these aren't this soft on my computer. Wonder if it's photobucket? Weird.

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I love 2, 3, and 4!!! I wouldn't change a thing about them. #4 does look soft.

I personally am not liking the pose of #1. His head is straight down, the moment looks too intimate if that makes sense....and her hand at first glance looks like it could be her bare stomach. Her hand and his leg look blown/super bright.

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Do you have Flickr? I've always been very happy with it myself. I think that sometimes when you crop in a lot, it can create some softness.

I'm not sure what I'd do with #1. I took a shot similar to this for my e-session, but wound up not giving it to them. I didn't like how I couldn't see his face at all. Maybe look on Pinterest at some of the same poses and see if it's set up differently. Maybe just changing your angle a bit would help. So, instead of shooting straight on, maybe if you were to move over towards her legs, you'd be able to get more of his face in there? I haven't tried it out myself yet, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

I love #2! Yes, there is the leg chop at the knee, but I think I'd leave it alone. It looks just a touch cool to me. I'd be inclined to warm it up a little. But I'm not calibrated, so I could be seeing things Wink

For #3, I've read that for men, you want to shoot them more straight on to create square shoulders. Maybe having him standing behind her with his hands around her in some way would make it look a little less "feminine".

I really like the fun-ness in #4! You caught a really great natural smile from him. Good job!

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These guys are going to be SO HAPPY with these, Sadie!

1. I think, judging from the uncropped version, that you needed to be lower - more on the same level as they are. I would probably crop something like this:

I don't mind his pants, but since you do, you might try burning them a bit (highlights) to tone down their brightness.

2. this is great! I wouldn't crop it! don't worry about the knee chop. focus goes right to their faces, so I don't think it will be an issue.

3. I don't mind this one, but his face (near the side burns) seems kinda bright to me. Make sure it's not blown. You might want to add a little fill to her as well as she is in his shadow.

4. this is a nice fun moment - I am sure they will both love it.

TFS Sadie!