A few from my latest session

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A few from my latest session

We were battling the wind the whole time, and they didnt take direction the greatest. But all and all a good session.




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It's a shame they weren't too terribly cooporative, they are a georgous couple. The 3rd is my fav. The haze gives it such a cool feel. The second I wish the guy was a bit more in focus.

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Wind is no fun and neither is an uncooperative couple. :confused: Sorry.

Three is my fav too! The haze looks great here. Were you wanting cc?

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BEAUTIFUL as always!!! For the 2 of them being slightly less than cooperative, you got some great shots! They're a really handsome couple.

My favorite is #2. The use of selective focus to draw your eye to HER amazing eyes is VERY well done! Brown eyes can be so hard, but you really made hers SHINE here! WOW!

Also ... I like the new watermark. Smile

So good to see a post from you!


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Thanks everyone, it's not so much as they were uncooperative, it was more like.

Me: take a small step to the right
Them: take two steps to the left
Me: tilt chin down slightly
Them: both practically looking straight down, chins touching chest

It got to be a little frustrating and I almost wanted to physically move them...lol.

Here's a couple more:



Oh and CC is always welcome!

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Great job on these. Here is my CC. Oh and you should physically move them if they can't follow direction. This is what I did with my recent engagement shoot. So that they are not too awkward looking.

#1 - you might want to check your lens or camera- there is a little dark spot on the upper right (our right) of the picture. I doubt its sunflare.

#2 - The guy being out of focus on the foreground is a bit bothersome. I wish he wasn't there all together.

#3 - My favorite of the bunch. I would brighten them up a smidge. Not a great fan of PP - looks a bit muddy.

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I love 2 and 3. She's got gorgeous eyes, and your catchlights really highlight them!

The first picture of your second post looks nice technically but the subjects seem a little too stiff--although I might not have noticed if you hadn't said they didn't take direction too well.... Smile

The kiss shot is very pretty. I've got to learn how to change the background angle like you did.

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That stinks about the wind ... but you can't tell in the photos that you were fighting a battle. Wink

1. This one doesn't do much for me, sorry. But I think it would be neat if you played with the sky some more to give it more character.

2. Love this one!!!!!

3. I feel like this one is soft, not sure where the fpcus fell (but his zipper seems nice and sharp)

4. I like the clarity of this one, and the angle ... but I think I'd like to see a portrait crop on this one for kicks.

5. I'm a sucker for the sun flares, love this!