A few from my sessions today

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A few from my sessions today

I had 2 engagements today, the first was at 11am, so I struggled with the sun a bit. But all and all I have tons that i'm happy with.

The other was this evening and I was LOVING the location and the light!

doesnt she look like the girl from the OC here?


He was such a squinter....and because the sun was harsh, this is one of the best I got of him (widest open eyes)




CC is always welcome!!

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I've been itching to do an engagement shoot (a friend just got engaged, but she lives 3 hours away). These are really nice!

Is that their dog in the first shot? He's cute and looks like he's spying on them. Wink

As for the squinter ... I was recently advised (on another board) to get below them and have them look down at you (chin tucked a bit to avoid the 'up-the-nostril' look). I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but thought I'd pass it on regardless.

The shots of the first couple look really nice considering the harsh conditions. I don't think I would have guessed it was full sun if you hadn't mentioned it.

The 2nd couple's set is super nice. You did such a great job of getting those dark eyes to shine! The last shot is my favorite. I love that blue behind them. I kinda wish the blue filled the background, but I still like it as-is. I even like the bit of sky/clouds that shows in his sunglasses. Smile

It's good to see some posts from you!

Take care,

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1. not sure about the slight angle. I just wish they were holding the dog. I love the colors though.
2. he looks a bit soft, might just be me though. Sweet capture!
3. I don't think his eyes look too bad.
4 & 5. I see what you were going for, it just doesn't work for me. I don't like seeing 1/2 his head.
6. looks good!

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Andrea, these are gorgeous!!!!!!! I wish the feet weren't cut off in the first, but the couple is very lovely here. The 2nd is my favorite of this set, just love it!!! And I like your PP on #3, nice! The second couple's set is really nice, love the first one where she's looking at him.

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Thanks, for the comments. I really proud of myself on this one, my sooc were very good, the only editing I had to do was minor exposure bumps and the creative edits. No wb or skin tone fixes were needed. I'll try to post a few sooc with settings tonight.

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I think they look great too. I wish I had skin like those girls LOL.

Anyway the only things I noticed were as in Sadie's comment about #4 and 5, I wish we could see all of the guy, even if he was still kept out of the focus. Her one out of place lock of hair sticking up in #4 bugs me a bit but she is so beautiful anyway. I wonder why she didn't wear a nicer top? I wish the BG in #6 was solid too, but I still love that pic too.

GiGi, I wondered what that was! You have a good eye-the cloud reflection in #6! Smile

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I love #s 1, 3, and 6. I think 3 is my favorite. I really like the processing and composition.