A few new pics.. =) please C&C if you wish!

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A few new pics.. =) please C&C if you wish!

Ok let's do this again! I had a whole post ready to go then my computer froze! :mad:

Well let's see. I have been messing around with different ways of editing pictures lately. I am mostly just practicing on my snap shots of my kids. Because honestly that is all I can get out of them these days. Just every day snaps. Smile I am having fun though! Here are a few I did. I have been using actions but mostly just taking those actions and using parts here and there and making them my own. I am trying! Not sure if its working out there. Just want some opinions. I did some before and afters. I honestly don't know what I did to each one of them specifically but I could probably do it again if I wanted to. I need to write it down or make an action or something so I can remember! I saved my work to one of them though so I can go back again. Smile

Here's my son Mikael looking at himself in the mirror. Such a silly boy. Smile
This is before. I basically just edited in ACR and opened in PS, reduced size, sharpened for web, saved.

And an after. I did a few different things. Messed around with adjustment layers and stuff. Smile

With this one I edited in ACR, opened in PS and I think the only thing I did was mess around with the eyes and then reduced size and sharpened and saved for web. I'm not sure though. I got confused at the end I had lots of stuff opened.

And after playing around with layers. Smile Sorry if either of them look over sharpened somewhere. Didn't mean to do that! Doesn't flickr sharpen photos too?

I honestly like both edits of each picture. But that's just me. Would like your opinions. I know everyone has different likes and dislikes though. Smile But do these work?

And here are a few others I did the past few days.

using same editing as the ones above. somewhat the same anyway and its just a candid snap of my son looking in the mirror again lol

And my roses outside that I think might freeze (do roses freeze? I'm new at the gardening thing lol!) it's been so cold here lately. (it was just snowing a bit ago). I added a bit of texture. Don't know if you can tell. Just to the blurred part.

and just a snap shot of my little girl. I took this one with my P&S and edited, used an action but reduced opacity. Don't remember which action. I think I used the one I made based on another one.

And i've been messing around with frames but I am not consistent with them :rolleyes: it was just something I was testing out and still am. Just for web though. Not for printing. I am not really liking them though.

I am loving editing lately. But that's probably because I haven't done it in awhile. lol I'm just getting warmed up! Now if only the weather would get a bit better. It's been a bit too cold here lately.


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I think you are doing great at editing. I love your edits to the first 2. Great job. LOVE the rose photo, and I don't know a thing about gardening, sorry. Wink

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Anyone else? Could use some opinions here Smile please?

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Your editing looks good to me, although with the #3-4 closeup of your daughter (who's a beauty by the way!! Smile ) I prefer the bolder one personally, #3....I really like your rose photo too.

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It looks like you did a nice job lightening the face in #2. I'd like to see #2 with a slightly darker background so that the beautiful highlighting that outlines the face and hair in #1 is retained.

I also like how #4 brings out the color in your daughter's eyes.

I love your son's serene expression in #5! If your son continues to be interested in the mirror, it would be really cool if you could get some shots of him that show his reflection and his reaction to it. It's challenging, though, to get an angle that won't show you shooting.

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thanks for the feedback! Smile maybe a vignette would work for #2? good idea. And I was actually thinking about getting his reflection too. That would be neat! He is so darn fast though I'd have to plop myself next to the mirror until I could get a good shot but I can do it! Blum 3

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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

Your editing looks good to me, although with the #3-4 closeup of your daughter (who's a beauty by the way!! Smile ) I prefer the bolder one personally, #3....I really like your rose photo too.

I could not decide between those 2 of my daughter. I like the bolder one too but I like her eyes in number 2. I'll have to keep a close eye on how I edit. Maybe I can get something in between huh Smile

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I'm loving your action! It does a fantastic job of lightening things up and giving the color a bit of a pop. Cool!