A few pics to say hello with :)

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A few pics to say hello with :)

Took two of the kids out this evening to the empty lot beside my house. It's pretty plain jane back there - but I haven't taken anything official of my kids since last September! It's time to update the walls! Here are a few of my favorites...

1. Forgot to tone down the Portraiture (had to use it to get rid of noise...forgot to check my ISO - DUH!)

2. Can we ignore the KoolAid mustache I forgot to take care of? Smile

3. Maybe a little too red still...


5. DIVA!

There are a bunch more but I need to fix my color consistency first. Grant is so challenging to edit! Thanks for checking these out though!!!

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I can't comment on colour, but those are awesome! I LOVE the last one!!!! That dress, the sunglasses, the pose with attitude... it is 100% awesome!

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Your DD's personality really shines in that last one Biggrin That #4 is a beautiful headshot of her too. I also really love the feel of that first one of your DS. I might like it even more if you can give him a bit more headspace up at top. I hope that's the right word.

I'm not calibrated on my work comp, so I can't say anything about color.

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Your kids are growing up way too fast! Love #2 and 4.

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WOW! Look at how cooperative your kiddos are! Can you have them teach that to my boy? Wink

I love the 2nd one of DS, cool aid 'stache and all! Love his expression. Color, focus, everything looks GREAT!

I love #4 as well of DD. What a cutie and you've captured her so well here. I don't know how much editing you had to do (if any), but this one looks so clean and crisp! Bravo!

Glad to have you with us again! I've missed seeing your awesome work!


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Great pictures, absolutely love #5.

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GORGEOUS children! And soooo cooperative! Love 1,4&5! Great job! That last one is perfect!

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Oh I just adore #4! That sweet little grin kills me! Great job. They all look so crisp.

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These are great!! I LOVE 1 & 4! And that pose in the last one is priceless!! Great job.

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I Love the last one.. I think they all are great

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These are great. I just LOVE #1 and #5. Such great shots.

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Wonderful set!