Few recent photos for CC

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Few recent photos for CC

I realize I have asked for CC a lot here recently, so I totally understand if you don't want to or if you don't have time. Even if it's one or two photos you cc, that would be great, but I do understand. I have been super busy here lately. I have 3 sessions to finish editing and five sessions to book. It's been fun, but hectic! I do still enjoy it though! Thanks for letting me share!


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Hi Sadie! Good to see some new stuff from you!

#1 - Something about the comp is bugging me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'm thinking that it's because I want to see a bit more of his chest. Great eye contact and catchlights!

#2 - How cute is that hat?! Great smile and eye contact. Is it a tad blue? I'm not that great with colors, so maybe it looks just fine Wink

#3 - I think I see a halo around the side of his face. I also see hand chops. This one isn't doing much for me.

#4 - Cute pose! Mom's legs not being there kinda bother me though.

You're doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

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Great job Sadie! These are super cute!
As far as CC, this is what's jumping out at me.
1. Seems soft to me. I don't know if it just needs to be sharpened for web, or if the picture itself is soft.
2. I think it could be warmed up a tad. His skintone seems a little blue/gray to me.
3. Doesn't do much for me. Tons of noise in the bokeh as well.
4. Seems too contrasty/muddy looking. I'd also like a different crop here, but I love the interaction between your subjects, and I think with a few changes, this one could be a winner!
Good for you for getting lots of practice in. And we don't mind you asking for CC...that's what we're here for!! Smile

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Don't have time to give CC, but these are really cute!! I love everything about #2 Smile

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I love the color/processing of #1 but I don't like the comp/crop....

#2 very very cute, could be warmer....

#3 I like the conversion but the facial expression & lack of eye contact doesn't do anything for me....

#4 I agree with previous cc. I do like it overall though. You sure are making leaps & bounds with your photography & editing! Smile

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it's good to have you posting so much!!!! wish I could muster the energy to spend as much time w/ my camera right now. Smile

here are my thoughts ...

1. color looks great and you caught a great expression! I think what is 'bothering' so many on the composition is his eyes being centered (vertically). I think if you were to crop off some of the background (a bit off the top, a bit off the right) it would solve that and be quite the winning shot!

2. love the way his personality comes through here! and I'll bet mom goes nuts for this one. his sleeve looks a bit blown to me, but otherwise, this is one winning shot!

3. your conversion looks nice, but I do wish we had eye contact. his undershirt (?) is blown. or something is around his neckline.

4. how sweet is this! I'm sure mom will love it. it's hard to get the crop just right on this b/c his legs are off to the side as are hers making them a lot wider than they are tall. You might try an 8x10 ratio and see if you can cut some of the bottom off that way. I think composition would be much more pleasing if the bottom was just belown his knees. Mom's leg chop wouldn't be as noticable, I think.

Great work, Sadie! I'm having to get really nit picky to find any CC to add on your shots. You have grown so much so fast and were you local, I'd sure be pestering you to do MY family shots. Biggrin


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Sadie, I LOVE it when you (and others) post for CC - I especially loved it as a lurker, but since I am out of lurkdom, I will try to CC also. Wink

1. very cute, but not sure about the comp...I also think the top of the chair caught the focus - could you crop it any other way?

3. I'm kind of ambivalent on this one...doesn't do a whole lot for me. Like Amy, I think the conversion is okay, but just not feeling it!

4. Love Gigi's suggestion.

Please keep posting!! I am enjoying watching you grow!

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No CC to add, I think you took some wonderful pictures.

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THANK YOU LADIES SO MUCH! I always appreciate cc more than you know!

1. The comp was bugging me a bit too, but this was in camera. STUPID I know.
2. Gonna warm this one up. Struggled with his skin tone and his white shirt....
3. Guess it was just me. Mom LOVES this shot b/c it is just him. He was talking and I caught this RIGHT after he spoke. The conversion was just something diff. I liked the noise b/c it's at an old train depot...guess it's just me! As for the halo- I thought the same thing, but it's part of the concrete.
4. Gonna work on this one some more.

Thanks again. I have scheduled 3 more shoots, with a few more to schedule. It's been fun though.

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First off, I think these are cute.

Second off, I like seeing everyone's pics and reading CC. After reading what others have to say, I can see what they mean.

That being said, I agree with pp-- especially Gigi's suggestion about 4. I'm proud that I was thinking along the same lines before I read it. Smile