few recent shots (family, barn, and my kids)

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few recent shots (family, barn, and my kids)

My sisters asked me to take some family photos of them last weekend. I didn't realize how hard it was to do family pics. I felt like I just took them all in auto b/c there wasn't anything "extra" to them. Any advice on that? I realize that the tree is behind them in a lot of them. :hitheadtrout: It was a toughie. They are happy with them, but I am not. Oh well. Do my colors look okay? Hit my ladies.

1) 1/320, f/22, ISO- 200

2)Too bright?
1/250, f/5.2, ISO-500

3) I was really excited about taking this shot. I used the tripod. I wish the creek was cleaner with less debri.
1/4, f/32.0, ISO-100

4) I know my B&W aren't great, but I was okay with the shot. Their clothes didn't match well, so they wanted it in b&w.
1/200, f/7.1, ISO-320

5) STUPID tree!!!
1/200, f/7.1, iSO-320

6) What could I have done different?
1/400, f/5.0, ISO-400

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6) Re-arrange them. I'd have the assumed parents in the middle-ish, lets assume same position they are in, perhaps slightly more angled, slightly. One of each taller boy on the sides of them, slightly behind. Then move the younger boys more in front of mom (one in gray in that spot right between mom and dad, youngest boy landing pretty much in front of her). I think this would be more flattering. Just in my mind...

And of course if you could find a spot with no background trees, they are distracting me. I think just the leaves in the background would be great.

Ok, only have time for that, again I procrastinate getting ready for work!

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I forgot that this was the one I would rather share. About the same settings too.

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Sadie ...

I like the last one you posted. I think a more shallow DOF might have helped here. But it's still a really nice group shot. You might try using layer masks to desaturate the background a little in order to bring a bit more attention to the bright colors in the group.

Oh, and I *adore* #2 of Ruthie!!! She just gets cuter and cuter!


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Great job on these. Here are my CCs.

1. This is a nice sunflare. I wonder if you can photoshop the lens flare on top. It's a bit much. Also, I would add a bit more contrast to the picture so that its not soo hazy.

2. Very cute photo. I think the focus fell on the chair. She looks a bit soft. I don't think its too bright, but you might darken the blacks etc. to give it a bit more depth.

3. I wonder what it would have looked if you were shooting on the other side, where you can see where the water is falling from the stream.

4. Very nice. Again, I would increase the contrast/black on the picture.

5. The tree trunk doesn't bother me since you have a good DOF. I do see a red color cast on mom's face tho (but I am on calibrated computer).

6. I agree with the CC about putting the parents in the middle and getting that DOF as Gigi had mentioned.

7. This is better, but the little boy is not looking at you Smile

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always happy to see a photo post from you. Smile

1. I really like this one ... but I wish the sun had more burst to it. I don't know exactly what it takes to get that, I just do trial and error with SS and Ap until I get it. Wink

2. I don't think she's too bright at all, very cute! I agree with El that the focus is more on the chair, but I still adore this shot.

3. cool water flowing shot. Smile

4. what a sweet moment. as far as CC, I think it would have been a little better if you were eye level with them when you captured this.

5. the tree doesn't bother me, it's far enough back. but the mom is definitely pink. love her happy smile.

6./7. Definitely prefer the grouping in the second one you posted. As far as the first, I think the dad's arm needs purpose. That's what bothers me the most about that one. The youngest boy seems too far down in the second one ... actually, you just needed to back up to get more of him. but he also could have been on an older brother's shoulders or something. I like how mom is angled in the second.

Good work!

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1. I like the hazy'ish mood to this one. Very cool. I wish the burst was a little sharper looking...if that makes any sense...but I have no suggestions on how to achieve that look as I have yet to try a burst. Also I would try to remove that blurry spot near the flare it just pulls my eyes away from the burst itself.
2. Ooh, I like this conversion! I think it could use a tad more contrast, but other than that I really like it.
3. Cool. Way to go dragging out the tripod! Smile
4. Up the contrast a tad again...
5. I think this one is my fav. Like the DOF, and tree doesn't bother me at all. Seems to be a bit of a color cast on her face from her sweater I believe...
6. I like the second group shot, I like the positioning of them all better. I agree with others that opening up your ap would have been good for this shot.

Overall, really good! Thanks for sharing!