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a few to share

This past week, my parents were here visiting, and they brought my brother's kids with them. We wanted to get a few shots of all the cousins together, and I put together this collage for my parents. I might change a few things on it--I'm not happy with a few of the crops, but that's still all to be worked out. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't get my youngest to look at the camera for any of the group shots, but hey--6 kids ranging from 3 months to 12 years is hard to do!

Also, I'm in love with this shot of my nephew and nieces. You can just FEEL his pain! Smile

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oh Lisa! these are wonderful!!!

I love the last one of your nephew and nieces and I'll bet your whole family will enjoy that one for a long time to come!

The collage is awesome - bright and airy and full of the personality of all those kids. I know your parents are going to treasure it!


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I LOVE the photo of your nieces and nephew!

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These are awesome!! Love the bright summery colours in the collage, and the second one is absolutely fantastic! What an expression! Wonderfully done, just made me grin!

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I LOVE these!!! I can't believe you got them all looking towards you! That's amazing! I have a hard enough time with just my two looking in my general direction at the same time.

That last one is just priceless! That is seriously one of the best photos I've ever seen!

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LOVE. Seriously- perfection. That last one- oh my. There are no words. Great, great, great capture!

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I'm amazed you got all the kids to co-operate, I have trouble just getting my own two to look at the camera.

The pictures are absolutely beautiful.