A few to share--CC please

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A few to share--CC please

Had another practice shoot last night. The lighting was a little tricky, and I also did some shots in front of the lake, so I had to use fill flash for that. Please let me know how I did. I've been having trouble with pictures that are too bright and overexposed, so let me know if the exposure is correct please. I didn't touch exposure or white balance in ACR. Not sharpened for web.

Also, the baby's skin is very orange-ish in real life. The mom says he's been eating a lot of orange veggies.



Does the feet chopped off bother you?


Thanks for looking.

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These are so cute! My favorite is the first one. Nice composition, focus and exposure. #4 isn't my favorite...she's not looking at the camera and I don't like the feet chop here. I'd also like to see a touch more space above her head.

I'm not a tilt for tilt's sake fan, so I don't like the composition of the last one. The tilt just makes no sense or impact for me here.

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I think you did a great job using your fill flash! They are all pretty cute. #1 and #2 are my favorites. I think that the third would have been more interesting had she been looking at the camera or slightly up and off into the distance. #4 isnt doing anything for me composition wise.

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i also love number 1 and 2! i love the composition and his expression.
#4 isnt doing anything for me tho, i am not a fan of the tilt! also his skin tone looks different from the other 2, however dont quote me on this as i am not calibrated!

Wtg getting out there and practicing! you are doing a great job!