A few shares.

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A few shares.

I need some post processing advice on this one, I snapped this of DD1 and absolutely love the picture but as you can all see it is OOF, any advice on how I could clear this up? Its such a shame it is so badly OOF.

I didn't get to looking at these long exposure pictures until it was too late to submit, still not want I wanted but they came out cool.


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I am not much help when it comes to editing. When I get OOF photos, I just delete them. Some people are pretty good at editing though.

The sparkler and other photo is neat!

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I always just delete OOF ones too, sorry. I really like the sparkler shot though.

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I can see why you'd want to keep that pic, Amanda. I can't bring myself to delete cute pics of E either! Someone had a post on CM similar to this a while ago so I went back to find it to see what others suggested. I don't know if this can help, but I thought I'd share the link with you just in case.

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Thanks for the tutorial, here is my attempt at fixing it up not perfect but better.

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i have a hard time deleting cute pics too. Smile I delete the way out of focus ones though but the ones where you can still make the person out I keep Blum 3 I just leave them as is. Sometimes if they aren't too oof and you try printing them 4x6 (small) then you can't tell too much.