A few from tonight (large share)

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A few from tonight (large share)

Just wanted to share a few from tonight. These are just soft edits...will edit more after the client pics which ones they want. Would love some CC! Just wanted to add too, that the older boy wanted NOTHING to do with me the entire shoot--the close up of him is close up, because I had to crop his mom out of the picture. At the VERY end of the shoot (an hour later) he decided that he wanted to have his picture taken, but his little brother had had ENOUGH, so we grabbed a few more, and were done. So, I know some of the comps are not the greatest, but in this case, I'm happy to have gotten even a few with him looking!








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cute! you have some really nice shots here, my favorite is #4. I don't have time to CC, but wanted to reply to your share. Smile I'll try to be back with some CC later. I would like to know your settings though, as just from looking at the first, I feel like your SS was too slow.

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Don't have time to share all my settings right now, but for the first, the settings were:
ISO 400

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Great captures!! I love the familiy shot. It's great posing of them all. I also really like 5, though this seems the warmest out of them all (different processing?) Maybe it's just the different background.

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