A Few Wedding Shots (pic heavy)

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A Few Wedding Shots (pic heavy)

Last weekend, I was second shooter at a wedding, helping a photographer friend of mine. Here's a few shots from the event. I focused mainly on the guests, flower girls, jewelry and table settings (as I have a macro lens and my friend doesn't), while my friend did the formals and most couple shots.

I learned a lot from shooting this second wedding: 1.) Know your flash's capabilities. It can be your best friend in situations where lighting is poor and beyond your control. 2.) Weddings are not planned around your lighting needs! 3.) When doing jewelry macros, bring swatches of velvet or other interesting textures for background. Bring different colors to match bride's wedding colors, 4.) Bring a toy or something funny to whip out when the kiddos are getting restless and cranky.

Here's a few shots from the event. Feel free to comment. I'll be happy to look up settings for anyone who's interested.

1. Ring macro. The bride's colors were pink and fuschia, so my friend pulled out a pink stone to set the rings on.

2. Dress detail macro.

3. Flower girls. 35 mm lens I think the older girl was self-conscious about smiling because of some teeth problems. The little one was overdue for a nap but was a trooper.

4. Contemplating. 35 mm lens. Should I lighten her face a little?

5. Maid of Honor behind Flowers. 35 mm lens.

6. Sleepy boy. 35 mm lens. SOOC. A little pin-lighty, but I love his expression!

7. Guests. I don't think these ladies could take a bad picture!

8. One of the bride. If I have time, I might clone out the hair from the people whose faces don't show. (My friend is doing all the editing for the couple, so I don't have to do it.)

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looks like you had a lot of fun with this shoot, Janet!

1. I really love the composition on this ring shot. I love how you got enough detail to see so much of the intricate patterns and inlays of the ring while keeping such a shallow (& artistic, imho) DOF. I'll bet the bride loves it. I would.

2. WOW! WOW! WOW! You are rocking the macro shots. Seeing the detail like this you can almost understand why these dresses cost so dang much (almost - lol).

3. Your whites look PERFECT! I know that is hard to do, but you did a great job here. Too bad they were both withholding their smiles.

4. I would lighten her face up a little. I'm at work, so color is hard to comment on, but her face looks much warmer than the rest of her body (especially her arms/hands). Love the contemplative look you caught though. And that sweet little curl right in front.

5. beautiful!

6. AWWWW. He looks a little over exposed on the cheeks, a little too much shine, I guess. But again, that may be my awful monitor. I'd like to see this one in b&w. I think it would really bring out the intimate nature of the shot.

7. lovely ladies indeed!!! if it's not too much trouble, you might try to clone out the white table behind them. it tends to draw my eye away from their beautiful smiles.

8. cloning the extra hair out is a good idea. there seems to be a blown spot on the bride's dress just above her hand. You might try a portrait crop of this shot - nice and tight on the beautiful bride.

Great job, Janet! Weddings scare the heck out of me (even as a guest). Smile You got some really nice shots here and I'm sure your photo friend and the happy couple will love what you've captured.


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Sorry for taking so long to respond to your CC. I think you're right about #4 and #6 and may play with them. My friend has done her own edits to the shots, but I haven't compared them side by side yet.

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Great pictures, no CC to add.

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