a few from yesterday's session

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a few from yesterday's session

omg i had so much fun.

i LOVE 4 year olds.

cc always welcome...

more on the blog.... www.clairealyseblog.com/blog


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super cute stuff!!!

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soo cute... love love love #2.. beautiful

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What a cutie. Love #1.

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Gorgeous! Love the free hugs one

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I saw these on flickr this morning and thought the were so stunning. I LOVE the chalkboard idea, so cute!

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I just wanted to tell you that I love your photography.
I always enjoy looking at the photos you post. There is something about your photos that is different than other photos and I really like it, even though I can't quite tell what it is that makes them different.

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I LOVE all of these!!!! The first is my favorite.. it's absolutely adorable- love the chalkboard idea!! My favorite is #2. Fabulous.