fianally! MY family pics!

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fianally! MY family pics!

I am so happy with these! I have wanted a good family pic for a long time, but being the one behind the camera... it just doesnt happen! My mom took these for us yesterday (with a lot of coaching form me! lol) Ill have to post some of the first ones she took.:eek: I appriciate her so much for doing these and being patient with my nit picking.
ANYWAY! I have worked on getting the color right on these with not much luck. Can someone help me out a bit? I would love to see your versions and how you accomplished that look. I want to get this one printed and finish working up the set so I can show them off to my family!

here is the sooc:warning... its pretty bad

here is my edit. I did a selective color layer on my face, dh's face and the tree in the background. curves layer to brighten and add contrast. it still doesnt look like my normal work... any thoughts or ideas?

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thats a cute pic, too bad you don't have eye contact with ds+dd but their playing looks like they had fun,

still learning ps so I'm no good

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Alana is napping and I just wanted to play, it is by no means perfect, but what the hey, just having fun

opened in LR adjusted exposure, a little WB,
then switched over to CS3
cropped 5x7
curves layer to brighten, masked back bright parts of the skin
saturation layer, for trees, masked back
played with the background for fun, hmm, here is where I need practice
burned a few bright areas in the background
cloned out that trashcan?
small amount of sharpening

so just my version, this is saved private on my flickr, hope it's not too terrible to all you pro's Dirol

now I need to get my own family photo! hmm use my tripod or maybe I'll call Amber Blum 3

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hooray for a family picture! I actually like your edit, but not DH's foot chop. I actually wish his leg wasn't extended out like that.

and good for you for coaching Mom with your camera. Smile

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Awww...that's a sweet, sweet pic. I like how they aren't looking at the camera, yet it's still precious!

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lol! Im not thrilled about his leg either! We practiced in the living room while the kids were taking a nap and I told him not to stick his leg out there. So funny that you mentioned it! I didnt know if it would better to chop completely off, or crop off even closer to the group. I cropped with it in there and we looked really far away.
Marcie, thank you for playing around with it! My edit seems dark compared to yours!

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IA - your edit looks good, but I would put DH's foot back in. I need to recruit my dad to do our family shot.

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i like Marcie's edit. The leg chop was bugging me a bit Blum 3 I know you can't do this over again but I would have gotten a bit closer so you wouldn't have to crop so much Smile family pics are so much fun! I usually set up the tripod and make a run for it Lol my daughter cracks up every time I do that and I get a huge smile on her face. Smile

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Nice family pic! I'm jealous! We desperately need one done! What a great difference between the SOOC and edited. I like your edit. I was gonna suggest a horiz crop to keep DHs foot in the pic, but then you loose the nice color in the trees. Bummer.

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I like this picture a lot. This is really great that you wre able to get a family shot.

PTE --- let me know if you want me to take it down. I couldn't resist. The fall colors in the back ground are so enviting to edit.

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El! thanks for playing! I love it! Can you tell me how you achieved that look?

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I think you did well, yeah the leg is a little distracting but the play between your kids is a cute moment


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"mandie81" wrote:

El! thanks for playing! I love it! Can you tell me how you achieved that look?

Aaah.. I know I ran a noisesware on the picture. Then I upped the saturation and vibrance to pop the background and masked you guys back in. I then increased the brightness on just your family and removed some magenta.

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Thank you!

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OnOne Software


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Ya'll are so cute. I may have a go at it too. Wink I love how the kids are playing. Smile