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I have posted here a few times. I have an Olympus Stylus 770SW. I felt like I have progressed enough to move on to a bigger camera that I can grow with. Well, some of you know that I have waited a LONG time. Randall (my DH) saved some money without me knowing and took me to buy a new camera! I ended up getting the Nikon D90. I have yet to find time to read up on learning how to do everything manually. I don't think the manual will help me out much on it, so I am asking for a good book that will teach me all about photography. Any advice? I want to learn. I have taken TONS of pics in auto. I do know that natural light is the best light, and I feel as though I have taken some decent (not awesome) ones already. (I will share asap.) I don't have my CD with me here at work, but I will try to bring it soon. I don't know much on anything, so any advice will be taken. I appreciate you ladies and I really truely look forward to getting to know you all better and I can't wait to learn all about my camera!!!!

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Sadie! Love seeing you online. Smile

Get Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson and Digital Photography by Scott Kelby (check your library first to save you money). Those are the first two books I bought, and are very helpful. The UE book has lessons that walk you through the areas you're learning at the time (based by chapter) and I found those to be really helpful.

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Welcome!!! I would also suggest reading the tutorial stickied.

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hi and welcome!
all i know (its not much just yet tho lol) i have learned from the tutorial section and practice! but i do hear that understanding exposure is a good start too
i cant wait to see some photos Biggrin

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Hi Sadie!! so good to hear from you.
WOOOO HOOO on your D90!! Congrats!! A friend of mine just bought one and loves it.
ITA with Gwen about the Understanding Exposure book and really taking the time to do the exercises in the book. It was very helpful to me. The tutorial sticky is fab! I actually would cut and paste in a word doc and print out all the info there and read and read over and over and over again!
The camera manual will help you out and I used to bring mine with me every where I went and just highlight alot of important parts and of course read it over and over again until it sunk in.

I pretty much lurk on this board but the ladies here are very helpful!
Have fun with your new toy!:D

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Cant wait to see pics!! Where abouts in AR are you?

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Thanks for the welcomes ladies. I am really excited to back. I am back at work on Wed, so I will try my best to post some pics. I want some good CC!

Courtney- I live in the River Valley. About 1 hour from the AR/OK border. Does that help? 1 hour from Ft. Smith.