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After just complaining about not getting a nice picture of DD, I got one of my favorites tonight!!! Now, I'm horrible at processing and I just can't seem to get it right....I've added the full size SOOC JPG if anyone wants to have a go. If you're feeling even MORE generous, I can e-mail you the RAW file, but that blown spot on her shoulder is just too gone to recover. I painted it over to try to tone it down.

Any how...87mm focal (70-200 lens) 1/400 f 4.0 640

2011-04-29 01

My edit. I can already tell it just looks off...
2011-04-29 05

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Sweet shot!
Here is my play... curves, levels and color balance

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She is sooooo cute! I can't help ya with edits, as I am horrible and a complete novice @ PP...but dang she's a cutie. Wink

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I can't help with PP either, but yes, she is a cutie. Love the slightly wrinkled nose! She's adorable!

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Honestly- I think your edit looks fine, but that might not mean a whole lot coming from me! She is such a doll!! Love that siggy pic!

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Thanks Beth for your play! That's about what I did too. I just have a hard time looking at a photo for a while and then when I upload to Flickr it looks funny :rolleyes: Now looking at it again, it doesn't look SO bad.

I did find out my camera had somehow magically changed to Color Temperature White Balance. I usually leave it on Auto White Balance. I think that's why it looked so off to me from the get go.

Thank you Kaci, Tracy, and Sadie for the complements. She really is a cutie, but I am quite partial Wink