Finally got my camera... lens cap question

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Finally got my camera... lens cap question

I FINALLY got my camera on Friday!!! YEAH!!! I ended up getting the Canon T1i. I am SO excited! Now just to find the time to play with it and figure out how to use some of the settings. By the time the girls go to bed and we get everything set for the next day, I am too beat to play with it. And not to mention my best subjects to photograph are in bed! So hopefully I will be able to start uploading some pics for CC. I will need LOTS of help!!!

What do you all do with your lens cover when you are using your camera? I wish there was a way to attach it to the lens so that it doesn't get lost. I actually lost the lens cover on my film SLR and ended up using a UV filter as the lens cover. Yeah, not a great idea but it worked, and since I didn't know what to do with the UV filter it was ok. Is there anyway you can attach the lens cover to the lens so it doens't get lost?

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bag or pocket

yay congrats

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I put it in my back pocket. Smile

congrats on the new camera!!!

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Congrats on the new camera. I usually put the lens cap in my pocket.

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Congratulations on the T1! I also just stick the lens cap in my pocket! Smile

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You can actually buy something that sticks to the lens cap and has a loop of string attached to it that you could hang from somewhere like your wrist. When I bought my second hand 50mm lens it came with one stuck to it. Personally I just stick them in my bag, but that's another option if you are interested.
For example:

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Thanks ladies! Hopefully I won't lose this lens cap!

I plan on downloading some pictures this weekend for CC. Just be warned, they are going to need a LOT of help! I'm completely new at this!

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Pocket girl here too, but I am interested in something else b/c I am afraid of losing it too.

YAY for a new camera! Can't wait to see some pics from you!