finally some for CC! warning:mantis macros

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finally some for CC! warning:mantis macros

Owen rarely holds still for me these days, but I caught him in a good mood yesterday! I guess i could have closed down my aperture OR turned the ISO to 400?

1. 50mm ISO 800, ap 2.2, ss 1/640

2. same as above

Upon finding the mantis among my kids outdoor play toys, I SCREAMED! Then I ran and got my camera, switched lenses, and started shooting! I could swear this bug was posing for me. Smile It was really fun! I was playing with my meter mode and also trying really hard to close my aperture a bit to get the whole bug in focus. I have a hard time with that. Smile

3. 100 mm macro ISO 200, ap 4, ss 1/200 (I also ran an action on this one for fun)

4. 100 mm macro ISO 200, ap 4, ss 1/250

5. 100 mm macro ISO 200, ap 4, ss 1/800

6. 100 mm macro ISO 400, ap 2.8, ss 1/200

7. 100 mm macro ISO 400, ap 2.8, ss 1/500

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will comment more later but I love that last one!!! Very interesting perspective Wink

Love the colors, comp and how the focus falls!

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LOVE the last one. Its gorgeous

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Great pics! i saw one of those in my house the other day! I didn't think about getting my camera I had my husband get it out! ha ha

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ooo i LOVE these! i have never seen one of these bugs live, do they only live in certain areas?
i love the last one Biggrin

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those are AWESOME! I love me some praying mantis'. I submitted one to a Pioneer Woman contest and got an 'honorable mention.' I WISH i had a macro lens!

praying mantis by rcummings1223, on Flickr

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Nice! Yours is a "baby" (no wings yet, very small) August/September is the time you will see them most. There are many species of mantis in the United States, and they are found all over. I used to see them in my garden most years, but haven't in a couple years. Not sure why.

Eva & I saw a huge Chinese Mantid on campus when I picked her up from preschool a couple weeks ago. Here is my phone pic:

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These are great!

1. I have to say this one is soft though. Sad
2. LOVE. Seriously adore this one!
3, 6, & 7 are GREAT! That last one made me giggle!

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Nice photos.

I like #2 as well. I like the conversion and the fact that you weren't afraid to crop the top and left; it brings out eyes!

Neat mantis shots. The shadows in #3 are nice and add interest. I don't care for the crop in #4. I like the pose in #5 but wish the background weren't stark white (hard to get bugs to cooperate while you adjust lighting!), both #5 and #6 are very cool!

For some reason, I have trouble shooting mantis. My friend's garden is loaded with them, but I never like my shots.