Finally Something New to Share

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Finally Something New to Share

I finally got some good lighting after it rained this weekend and took some shots I'm happy with. I had a disappointing nature shoot a couple of weeks ago, so I've been reluctant to get out the camera.

I've got some more pics that I haven't had time to edit yet. I'll try to share soon.

Please feel free to CC the ones below. Thanks!

I forgot to write down the settings, but these were all taken with my 60mm macro. ISO 200. Aperture was obviously open wide. I kept getting wind gusts so I had to keep my shutter speed up fairly high.


2. My favorite of the bunch.


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Love these. My macro is on it's way so i can' wait to start playing. My only comment is about #3 i wish some of the buds that are closer were in focus vs some of the ones in behind that are in focus towards the top half of the flower..that is of course you were foucsing on the droplets at the bottom Smile

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Oh Janet, these are so LOVELY! I adore macro photography and you have done an amazing job here!

1. I wish I had something for a frame of reference on the size here. Everything looks so dainty ... I imagine it's super tiny.

2. This is my favorite of the bunch too ... I love the rich colors and crisp detail in the petals. This should be a post card!

3. This one is so perfectly soft. I love the soft colors and creamy bokeh. It's just lovely!


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Thanks for the compliments and CC!

Gehana, you're going to have a great time playing with the macro. If you don't have one already, a small tripod is very useful. I "stole" one from DH that extends to about 18" and use it for all my ground shots. Also, I agree with your comment about the soft focus in #3.

GiGi, I think the entire blossom in #1 was about the size of tennis ball. Each flower was pretty tiny. I'm going to try to take advantage if we have any more rain showers this weekend. The overcast skies and water droplets everywhere are great for photography!

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Lovely shots. I too like #2!