first attempt at a newborn

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first attempt at a newborn

i shot these with my 50mm, iso 100, f1.8-2.0. He's 1wk old. CC always welcome. Smile





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I like the 2nd (i'm a sucker for baby feet) and the last one... very cute and I like the b&w conversion.. I think the 3rd one would be really nice in b&w too


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he sure has some expressions! Lol the last one is just precious. with the color ones, I wonder if you could do some edits to reduce the red on his eyelids and blend them in more.

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You did some really nice work here, but I truly love the last 2. The next to the last one - his expression is PRICELESS and in the last one, you really create a peaceful mood with your composition. Your conversions look really nice - mind sharing your process? I'm always trying to do better with my conversions.


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Thanks GiGi...i'm embarassed to say that i dont even remember my process for conversion. I was messing with lightroom in these ones and adjusting the tone curve sliders until i got the desired effect and then added a vignette. So sorry i couldn't help more.

Gwen, i will work on that and see what i can come up with.

Thanks for the CC. Smile

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The sweet lil' man's mouth is oof in #1. It would have really made this shot work well.

#2 is beautiful! I love the blanket, the feet placement, everything. Smile

#3 would benefit from a lower angle or even a higher one, but where it's at is a little out of place. I love the DoF though. Smile

The expression in 4 is just awesome.