First canvas arrived!

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First canvas arrived!

Oh man, I just got the canvases I ordered for our parents' Christmas gifts... they look SO GREAT! I am thrilled! Just had to share, as it's exciting to get a large canvas like this and be really happy with the result!

On another "just sharing" note, I went to a charity auction the other night and bid on and won a gift certificate for the photography course of my choice from some well-respected local photographers. I'm going to choose their "lighting" course if I can -- on making the most of natural light and adding dimension to your portraits (all the stuff Steph has talked about and is so good at now)!

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So exciting! I need to order a canvas, and I'm trying to decide who to use. Decisions, decisions...

And awesome news about the class! You'll have to share what you learned when you're done.

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Who did you end up using? Let's see your canvas... lol Smile

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We had SwarmJam coupons for the canvasses from The Canvas Palette. They're based in Calgary, and I'd never heard of them, so I wasn't sure how the quality would be. But the colour and clarity are great, the canvas looks beautiful.

This is just a quick shot of it, propped up on a dining room chair. The snap doesn't do it justice, the colours are rich and beautiful!

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I have yet to order a canvas, but I would be very pleased with this one! Great job!