First Maternity Shoot. CC welcomed -updated post 9

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First Maternity Shoot. CC welcomed -updated post 9

This is the first maternity shoot I have ever done and my cousin loved the pics. Let me know what ya'll think! All shot with my 50mm lens. I edited them with my canon software. Please let me know what ya'll think!

f 1.8 1/200 sec ISO-100

f1.8 1/400sec ISO-800

f4.5 1/100 sec ISO-400

f1.8 1/2000sec ISO-400

f4 1/500sec ISO-800

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OH these are so cute!!! Smile I love #1. I feel like there is a bit of extra space on the right side though. But its cute! Nice and bright. #2 really cute. the shirt looks a bit blown though and kind of wants to blend into the background looks like. Smile #3 cute shot! maybe more contrast or a chocolate b&w? just an idea #4 awesome! could be a teeny bit brighter but I love bright photos Smile #5 same ... just a smidge brighter would be nice.

these are awesome. my fave is definitely #1. I just love the color of her dress.

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I totally agree with the above cc! Really nice work. I would crop #1 a little too. I love that stone wall!

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You can ignore all this if you want! I'm a newbie, but I will CC anyways!

1) LOVE this idea! How cute! Would like to see a closer crop though.
2) shirt is blown, and I think the background is over powering maybe?
3) cute. Could use some more umph with the b&w, but no advice there! I SUCK at b&ws.
4) my fav. Cute shot!
5) I like this one a lot too. The only thing, your pp makes her look a lot younger. How old is she? In this one, she looks like she is about 15.

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1. Lighting is good here. She's sure cute. I don't get the composiiton of the shot. The book, which I'm assuming must be special for some reason, is blocking the star of the show..her belly. If she were reading the book, the shot might make sense to me. But here, she's just very clearly posing with it and it seems odd to me.

2. She looks cute. I don't care for the background or the composition. Shirt is blown.

#3. I think the shirt must be blown again.....the belly too from what I can tell. The lighting just isn't great here. I'm guessing that's why you turned it BW? Really don't care for the background here. It's so busy and is making me wonder why a pregnant lady would choose to lounge on the ground when there is a chair right there. LOL

#4 is my fav by far. Good contrast and good light... a touch underexposed...or maybe cool? Composition isn't bad, though I do still think it's too busy.

#5. a nice shot. it's a tad underexposed and just lacks oomph. She does look VERY young still in high school young. Perhaps the angle has something to do with that, but I'm not sure you could have done much about how young she looks.

In general, I'm not crazy about what she's wearing...the unbuttoned shirt. I dunno. I've seen it done a million times, but it just doesn't sit right with me. Just wish a few of these were maybe in a tight fitting tank, or with the shirt off and just the white wrap thing she has on under the shirt. Or maybe tuck the tails of the shirt away. It's just always so odd to me when I see these unbuttoned shirt photos. No one ever does that in real life so it feels forced and looks a little messy to me.

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You've got some great cc already and as I have never shot a maternity excepy my own (don't recommend it, lol!) I can't comment too much. I will say the #4 is my pick of the bunch and that I think you did well for your 1st ever attempt.

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Cute! And what a cute model! My only problem is with 1, as PP said the book blocks the belly a bit, and she's so young looking that the set up just makes her look like she's 12:).
The others, I love! Nice work!

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Great shots! I think there are others that have given you CC better than I can. But, I'll give it a whirl.

#1 I feel like her outfit is too bulky to show her belly
#2 is great, but I think the and background are blown
#3 I LOVE her look!! But, I think the surroundings are a bit busy
#4 Is such a great shot. Good location, good expression and shows of the belly well
#5 I think just needs some brightening up

Great job for your first time!! I hope to get some practice with maternity soon.

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Thanks everyone for your CC! I appreicaite it. She does look young in some of the pics. She is either 18 or 19 now. I can't remember.

The reason for the book in photo 1 was I have always heard its good to read to a unborn baby. Well then she told me she has been reading to her baby. So I thought it would be cute to have that book in a picture. Is this a better pic?


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I honestly like the first one better, but I think the book is a great idea. I understand why she's holding it and I think as long as the mom knows what's going on, it's okay!!