First practice photo CC please.

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First practice photo CC please.

Okay so I did a lot of reading on line and I think I am getting some of it, so I just decided to put my camera on Manual and see what I come up with if I just played around with the settings.

I took one in Auto and one in Manual, just to see the difference. And really the only difference I can see is the light, and I am pretty sure I over exposed the manual one.. If you could let me know what I could do to make the picture better, or what I should have done differently that would be great!
Also can someone tell me what EV means..

Anyways here is the Auto one
ISO 200
55 mm
0 EV

And the Manual one
ISO 100
55 mm
2.3 EV

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EV is exposure compensation--the reason your manual picture is so bright is because your exposure compensation is set to purposely overexposure your picture by 2.3 stops. There is a button on your camera somewhere (usually the top) that has +/- on it...somehow, i'm guessing that you accidentally set this at the 2.3, when it should actually be at 0.
There is a time and a place for exposure compensation (I use it all the time)...but you definitely don't want to use it unless you understand exactly what it does...and 2.3 is REALLY high.
Here is a good lesson on it.

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I am not familiar with EV yet...but I can tell you a little bit about your composition. In the manual pic, it looks like your focus was a little off. Also, there is alot going on. I see the white blanket, the pattern on the bouncy seat, the background...and all these things are competing with the baby. She is adorable by the way!

If you are just starting out in manual, I'd suggest focusing on shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and worry about the other stuff once you have a good understanding of those three principles.

Keep practicing/posting!